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Jake muscle worship

Jake v Brazil - No Holds Barred 164

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

"Think you're big and bad?" asks Jake. "Trying!" The behemoths flex and compare their mountains of muscle as the vet surprises the rookie with a takedown mounting his chiseled abs and stretches out his legs. "Chest is big!" groans Brazil as he grabs two handfuls of Jake's beefy pecs trying to push him away. "You like that big muscle?" With his victim on his back, the beast rolls the South American giant into a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! "I can't breathe!" Jake orders his prey to worship his bicep as he moans in pure ecstasy. Finally, Brazil escapes and hammers the American's thick back folding his legs over in a grueling stretch as he screams in pain! "You like it?" taunts the Brazilian as he SQUEEZES the vet's face against his quad of steel. Jake breaks free slamming the muscle beast to the mat and rolls him into a tight cradle as Brazil worships his juicy pecs. "Like the way you do it; feels like a massage!" moans the vet, but his pleasure is short-lived as the Brazilian breaks away mounting Jake's chest, pins his powerful pythons down with his knees, and chokes him with two hands. "That's power!" The bodybuilder gasps for air as Brazil stands up pinning him to the mat with his foot and flexes while Jake worships his beefy legs. "Are you done?" taunts the South American giant as he locks in a crushing head scissors YANKING back on the vet's arms nearly pulling them out of socket! Jake struggles but breaks the torturous hold rolling Brazil on top of him in a vicious scissor/sleeper combo, "Feel that bicep, or I'm gonna choke you out!" Powerless to escape, the Brazilian obeys, "It's big; that's really impressive!" Things go from bad to worse as the South American stops, and Jake begins choking him out. "I can't breathe!" "Feel that bicep! I love being worshipped!" Both behemoths roll on the mat pinning each other down and worshipping their thick beefy frames. The brutal battle continues: a massive shoulder carry, grueling banana split, leg stretch/sleeper combo, and loads of dirty tricks! A darkness comes over Jake as he mounts his prey and SMOTHERS Brazil's face deep into his beefy chest and tree trunk quads! You won't believe your eyes as the breathtaking move happens not once but twice! "Right between that crotch, feel that power!" "It burns!" Brazil gasps for air as the bodybuilder sits on his chest. Unable to move, he feverishly worships Jake's thick quads, ripped abs, and meaty chest, "I wanna feel like you!" Both behemoths return to their feet as Brazil recovers and wants revenge: two massive belly to belly bearhugs, tight full nelson, vicious ball and chain. Jake crumbles to the mat as the Brazilian mounts his chest and returns the favor BURYING his face deep into his steel quads as he struggles to stay conscious! Pound for pound, these muscle monsters are pretty evenly matched as the intense fight continues. Dirty tricks, massive fireman's carry, crushing head scissors, and devastating chokelift battle leads to one of the HOTTEST finishes you have ever seen!