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Jake v Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 163

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"Look at this man's meat right here!" Iceman18 sits on the couch in awe with a front row seat as Jake flexes standing over him. "Why don't you feel it?" Feel that big chest!" The muscle hunk begins running his hands all over Jake and tries cupping his beefy chest, "Can't even get my hands around it! Those arms, shoulders, everything, you're so wide!" The bodybuilder's insatiable desire for more worship takes over, "Why don't you get on your knees and feel these legs!" Iceman18 obeys worshipping his quads of steel when Jake suddenly goes for a takedown but is overpowered! The muscle hunk lifts the 200 pounder in a fireman's carry and squats him with ease, "You're not the only one. You better admire those legs!" Jake groans in pain barely able to worship as he escapes with a brutal GUILLOTINE CHOKE taking the big man down. With his victim laid out, the dominant muscle beast has his way with Iceman18 mounting his abs, stretches out his legs, worships his biceps, and SMOTHERS his face with his meaty chest! "You gonna try and get out?" taunts Jake as he rolls his motionless victim into a reverse head scissors! "You're really strong!" The vet struggles to breathe as Jake transitions to a front head scissors flexing his quads tighter and tighter yanking back on his arms, "Choke you between those big legs!" Iceman18 is completely gassed barely able to get to his knees as things start to heat up. "Worship those muscles! You like that? Look at all those veins!" Jake moans in pure ecstasy as Iceman18 worships his quads and biceps, "Oh yeah, so big and strong. I can't count there's so many!" Playtime is over as Jake lifts the muscle hunk on his back SLAMMING him to the mat for a grueling banana split! A power struggle has both behemoths fighting for control: leg stretches, rear bearhug, tight cradle, and loads of dirty tricks! Breaking free, Jake wraps his tree trunk quads around the vet in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. Iceman18 is in agony but manages to stand up lifting the behemoth on his shoulders and dumps him on his face! Both muscle hunks battle from couch to couch even tipping one over: double pec claws, BODYSLAMS, guillotine choke, body scissors, dirty tricks, even burying each other's faces deep into their beefy chests as they gasp for air! Jake's dominance returns as he yanks off his victim's singlet and demands more, "Worship these muscles!" "I'm over your muscles! You're big and strong; I know!" yells Iceman18 sending the bodybuilder into a rage! The muscle beast takes the vet down to the mat and wraps his quads of steel around his skull. "No not again!" "Go to sleep!" Powerless to escape, Iceman18's thick muscles begin to slump passing out from the intense pressure! Jake flexes his mounds of muscle over his fallen victim, but he isn't done yet and clubs Iceman18 awake. Both juggernauts exchange RIB-SHATTERING bearhugs lifting each other up and down sucking every last breath from their lungs! An intense fight to the finish leads to JAW-DROPPING end: dirty tricks, vicious arm bar, double pec claw, two-handed chokes, leg stretches, crushing head scissors! "There's nothing you can do about it. I get to muscle worship you as you pass out!"