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Jake puts Dom9 into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 143

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Muscle worship and wrestling that gets way out of hand is what this match is all about.  Everything you are about to see is real, Dom9 was leaning new wrestling moves all afternoon and was extremely aggressive to show off his new skills and Jake was being extra mean on the "dirty tricks" this is mature audiences only match.

"Is that all you got? Come on!" taunts Jake as both goliaths drop to their knees STRAINING under their viselike grips! Veins popping, biceps bulging, these boys ain't messing around until finally the hold is released leaving both exhausted. "That was pretty good. You're strong. How much you bench?" asks Jake. "A lot more than you!" The muscle beasts flex and compare their thick beefy quads with both being pretty evenly matched. "We might have good legs, but you know what's funny is your wrestling!" mocks Jake. Dom9 isn't intimidated, "I've been working. I'm getting better!" The vet decides to test him out declaring he can get a pin in less than 30 seconds. "Only one way to find out!" Jake tackles Dom9, mounts his abs, pins his arms back, and CRUSHES his ribs with his quads of steel! The beast is in agony unable to move. "How's that feel? 1-2-3, you ain't going nowhere!" Jake laughs at his victim's pain and SQUEEZES harder. "Alright I give! I give!" Dom9 stumbles to his feet and jumps up in the air surprising Jake with a FLYING BODY SCISSORS! "What the? Get off of me!" The vet crumbles to the mat as Dom9 wraps his bicep around his throat in a scissor/sleeper combo. "Give up!" "My ribs!" Jake moans in pain struggling to escape until finally he is forced to tap out, "You're pretty good, beginner's luck!" He recovers and takes Dom9 down with a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors, "I'm gonna show you real legs, real power! You ready?" Jake SQUEEZES harder and harder taking his scissors to the mat. Dom9 howls in pain but escapes with a vicious dirty trick delivering his own CRUSHING head scissors, "Lets see who's better today!" Jake's face turns red as he struggles under the immense pressure and passes out! Dom9 wakes up his victim, and the battle continues: multiple dirty tricks, gut punches, RIB-CRACKING body scissors! At one point, Jake plants his foot on Dom9's chest pinning him down as he screams in pain, "You're too weak!" The beast is powerless to escape, reaches up with his meathook hand, and slaps Jake's glute so hard it sends him crashing to the mat WRITHING in agony! A large red handprint is clearly visible from across the room, as the vet yells out, "What the hell was that? You really just smacked me in the butt like a woman?" "Yeah cuz I'm about to make you my b****!" Dom9 wraps his powerful pythons around Jake in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him around before slamming him down! Jake struggles to stand and wants revenge! The back-and-forth action heats up with both muscle hunks trying to force each other to tap out: dirty tricks, sleepers, DOUBLE PEC CLAWS, and crippling BANANA SPLITS! Who will be left standing? This battle of the quadzillas will have you guessing to the end!