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Jake vs Dom9 part 2 - No Holds Barred 162

$ 31.25

"I'm bigger than you! I got the striations going on," flexes Dom9 standing toe to toe with the vet. "I think you're delusional. I got a bunch of meat, and I got those striations!" taunts Jake as both behemoths compare their mountains of thick, beefy muscle. "This is Grade A; you're like the Walmart meat!" mocks Dom9. Playtime is over as a pissed off Jake delivers a crushing belly to back bearhug SHAKING the arrogant beast before tossing him down, "Who's stronger now? Those legs are bigger than yours too!" Dom9 groans in pain struggling to escape as Jake pins him to the floor with his tree trunk leg. "Bigger than mine? I don't think so!" A fire ignites inside the muscle beast as he breaks away lifting the bodybuilder in a massive rear bearhug of his own grabbing handfuls of his juicy pecs. Jake gasps for air as his thick muscles go limp in the tight embrace, and he collapses. "Come on big chest, I'll help you out; maybe one of those deep tissue massages!" Dom9 begins PRESSING his meathook size hands deep into Jake's beefy chest as he moans in pure ecstasy, "Feels so good!" Back on their feet, the bodybuilder's insatiable desire for more muscle worship takes over as Dom9 continues exploring his rock-hard frame, "That's real nice!" The dominant Jake wraps his powerful pythons around his victim in a crushing belly to belly bearhug sucking every last breath from his lungs and SLAMS him onto the couch! "Get off me!" pleads Dom9 as Jake's knee digs deeper and deeper into his chest as he fights to break free. "You ain't getting up!" taunts the bodybuilder flexing his bulging biceps. The intense struggle has taken its toll as Dom9 is left motionless on the couch, "You won that round. I'm just saving up!" Jake stands in victory as the defeated muscle hunk runs his hands all over the bodybuilder's chiseled abs and shredded arms. "Got a lot of veins like a road map, but I'm still stronger than you!" declares Dom9. "There's nothing baby on me compared to you. You need some work!" mocks Jake. The muscle hunk SNAPS picking up the 200lbs bodybuilder in a brutal front bearhug and slams him down nearly breaking his neck! "My back!" screams Jake as Dom9 flexes overhead, "Told you I was stronger than you!" Things start heating up as both behemoths muscle worship each other's mountainous frames. Out of nowhere, a surprise vicious dirty trick sends Dom9 CRASHING to the couch writhing in pain! The devious Jake picks up his injured prey in a powerful belly to belly bearhug and carries him through the house before dumping him to the mat. "Really need the good lighting to see who has more muscle; who is more ripped!" flexes Jake. "Doesn't matter lighting; I have you!" declares Dom9. A flex off quickly turns into a shoving match as Jake bearhugs the beast down to the mat and delivers a grueling banana split! Dom9 is in agony; his beefy legs are seconds away from snapping before he's rolled over into a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! "You like those big legs?" The muscle beast's face turns red as the intense pressure nearly has him passing out, "You're strong!" Dom9 peels himself up barely on all fours as the dominant Jake demands more, "Stay on your knees; worship all that muscle!" Dom9 feverishly obeys until a sharp knee to the ribs has the bodybuilder crumbling to the mat. Time for some payback! The beast wraps his hulking legs around Jake in a viselike head scissors; his face buried deep in Dom9's quads of steel. "My head!" Incredibly, the bodybuilder summons enough strength and STANDS UP with the head scissors still locked in! Jake drives Dom9's chiseled back into the mat folding his thick legs over; the burly beast is nearly eating his knees as he's forced to worship Jake's muscles. The brutal back and forth battle continues: hammerlocks, tight cradle, leg stretch, belly to belly bearhug, and loads of dirty tricks! Things get up close and personal, as both behemoths mount each other's beefy chests SQUEEZING every last breath from their lungs in ways you will not believe! A breathtaking finish, you will watch over and over!