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Jake vs Dom9 - Ring Wars 93

$ 25.95

"All you mother f***ers come in here and start posing. It's just easier to come in, whip people's a**, and get the f**k out!" threatens the master of pain confronting his next victim. "It's easier to pose then sit in the mirror and strap that in! What's the point of it?" laughs Jake. "It looks bad a**! Try to make fun of this s**t; you know you want to wear this!" "No, I don't. Does it keep your chest all nice and tight?" mocks the bodybuilder reaching for the straps but is pushed away. "Don't touch me; I'm done talking!" Full of rage, Dom9 snaps SHOVING the rock-hard vet into the ropes again and again. A quick tie up has Jake striking first slamming the beast to his knees grabbing his harness from behind, "Now I can control you; come here doggy!" His blood boiling, Dom9 escapes storming to his feet and locks on a NECK-BREAKING full nelson dragging him to the mat, "Stretch it out; talk all that s**t!" The shredded bodybuilder groans in pain flexing harder and harder breaking his captor's grip, but the master of pain quickly delivers a crushing half nelson/body scissors combo. "No, not tighter!" pleads Jake; his ribs SPLINTERING under the pressure of Dom9's tree-trunk quads! Barely hanging on, the muscle hulk escapes, rolling the beast in a tight cradle, "Where you going now? I could sit here all day!" A struggle ensues on the mat; the dominant beast uses his beefy legs to break away, battling back with a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug! Somehow, Jake survives and wraps his bulging bicep around Dom Knight's throat toying with his prey, "I might choke a little harder, let go a little bit so you can get your breath, then choke you out a little more!" "F**k you!" groans the beast struggling to stay conscious; until he's let go and rolled in a brutal arm bar. "You gonna tap? Look at that little bicep; I'm gonna break it!" threatens Jake. Powerless to escape the EXCRUCIATING hold, Dom9 submits; the veins in his arm juiced to the max nearly exploding. "I'll let you lay there!" taunts the bodybuilder flexing over the pile of beefy muscle. Hungry for payback, the dominant beast rises from the ashes and PUMMELS Jake's rock-hard abs as he crumbles to his knees gasping for air. "Get up! You ain't done!" Sharp knees to the gut lead to a brutal guillotine choke and SUFFOCATING dragon sleeper; the shredded vet flails helplessly under the master of domination's strength, "Go to sleep!" Jake can barely tap before fading to black falling on his face. "Are you done? You had enough?" flexes Dom Knight as the vet wakes up begging for mercy, "I'm tired; give me a second!" Sensing blood in the water, the dominant beast drives his knee deep into Jake's chiseled back, yanks his arms in double hammerlocks, and GRINDS his face into the ground with his meaty forearm, "Eat that mat! Tell me when you had enough; you ain't getting up until you say it!" Pinned down tight, the muscle hulk screams in agony finally submitting, "Enough, enough!" laid out on his face completely gassed. Dom9 flexes in victory but is taken down with a vicious dirty trick as Jake delivers some of the HARDEST gut punches you have ever seen! In desperation, the burly beast grabs for the ropes, but the bodybuilder mounts his abs stretching him out with his legs of steel, "You ain't going anywhere!" In agony, Dom9 CLAWS his captor's meaty pecs, but he won't let go, rolling him to his belly and grabs his harness again, "All I need is your leash; come on!" orders Jake. Furious, the master of pain breaks away hoisting the bodybuilder up in a torturous fireman's carry violently SHAKING him, "I'm tired of f***ing around; people are gonna learn to respect me in Thunders!" "Ahh my stomach!" Totally limp, the shredded muscle hulk moans in pain collapsing to the mat where he's met with a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab. "Just quit; f***ing say it!" Howling in agony, Jake can't hold on and feverishly taps out. You think it's all over, but it's only gets worse in Dom9's den of domination! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as Jake removes the master of pain's harness and puts it on himself, "You don't deserve this anymore!" Brutal gut punches, a massive clothesline, crushing scissor/sleeper combo, even the harness is used in ways you will not believe! It all leads up to a final sinister promise, "I'm about to choke you out, little b**** you are!"