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Jake vs Duke - Bodybuilder Battle 110

Jake vs Duke - Bodybuilder Battle 110

$ 34.75

Jake hit up Mr. Mike that he wanted to show off his new muscle size and do a few more videos.  Mr. Mike knew that Duke had been wanting to try and show off his new wrestling moves he had been learning from Marco.  So last night we made it happen.  Duke was trying to be a smart ass and intimidate Jake but Jake held his own and was not impressed.  Matter of fact they face off and start a 10 min bearhug which was impressive!  Both men lock up and just won't let go, squeezing with all their might to make the other one submit, back and forth.  Then after the bearhugs they go to the mat and body scissors and lots of school boy pins and dirty tricks with Jake flexing over Duke's body taunting him to do something, and Duke is powerless to get Jake off him.  This leads to some muscle worship on the mat between them but doesn't last long as Jake traps Duke in a massive head scissors and knocks him out, right to sleep in a powerful head scissors.  What was crazy is Jake wakes up Duke the same way by squeezing his head so powerfully with his new muscle thighs that the PAIN on Duke's head being trapped in that head scissors wakes him up!  These are some new moves we have not seen here at Thuner's so enjoy this battle as it really is a great way to start the new year of 2018!