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Jake vs Duke - Mat Rats 127

$ 25.95

Once again we've found things on a free tube site. Unfortunately we have to put the price higher to ensure the ones putting it up will stop. This helps us to protect our copyrights and prosecute the ones responsible for this price increase.

Get ready for raw power, dirtier tricks, and steamy muscle worship in this battle for DOMINATION! A flex off has Jake and Duke feeling out each other's rock-hard biceps and beefy pecs. "Worship a true muscle god!" orders Jake dragging Duke to his knees in a CRUSHING headlock. Struggling for air, Duke worships Jake and is slammed on his face as Jake mounts Duke's chiseled back STRETCHING out his legs. Duke screams in pain as the muscle worship heats up. The dominant Jake unleashes his strength with a tight bearhug, guillotine choke, and torturous leg stretch pinning Duke down with his mountain of muscle. "All that power around you!" flexes Jake SMOTHERING Duke's face with his bulging bicep. Things get down and dirty as Jake makes Duke his bitch using dirty tricks to control him on the mat. In agony, Duke feverishly worships Jake grabbing handfuls of his beefy glutes as Jake rolls Duke into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! The blood rushing from his brain, Duke breaks away with a dirty trick but suffers a tight full nelson and crushing scissor/sleeper combo. "Keep struggling!" taunts Jake as Duke gasps for air barely escaping. Duke recovers and charges in with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Jake collapses to the mat; his arms and legs stretched out as Duke delivers a crushing body scissors and double hammerlock. "You're big, but I guess it's just all for show!" taunts Duke wrapping Jake up in a BREATH-TAKING sleeper. Deep gasps for air expel from Jake; his eyes roll back as he passes out in the powerful embrace. The battle for domination continues as an UPSIDE-DOWN belly to back bearhug, pec claws, body scissors, head scissors, hard-hitting smacks to the ass, and intense muscle worship leads to a MOUTH-WATERING finish!