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Jake puts Eagle in a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake vs Eagle - Mat Wars 107

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Scissors fans, we got a good one for ya. It's a battle for the best quads in Thunder's Arena! Jake has returned to challenge fan favorite Eagle; his tiny red posing trunks pulled straight up his rock hard glutes. The behemoths flex and compare their thick muscular quads. "You got striations like this?" asks Jake. "My legs are bigger and more powerful than yours will ever be!" declares Eagle pushing the bodybuilder away. "I don't know about that. I'm sculpted!" Jake mocks his opponent's quad, "Looks like it's sculpted by Chick-fil-A and McDonalds!" 
The muscle Adonis has had enough disrespect and sneaks up from behind with a neck-breaking full nelson! Jake's face turns as red as his trunks as he struggles to flex out of the viselike grip. Finally he escapes, takes the muscle beast down in a tight rear bearhug, and delivers a skull-crushing head scissors. The maniacal Jake laughs at his victim's torture, "Creep up like that! What are you gonna do about it?" Eagle groans in pain, "My ears!" as he breaks away and stumbles to his feet. "Alright my turn!" The Adonis takes the bodybuilder down in a headlock and wraps his tree trunk quads around Jake in a head scissors. The muscle stud gasps for air as he learns the true power of Eagle's famous quads. "You wanna play now?" The behemoths roll around the mat until Jake gets his scissors locked in again. "How's those big powerful legs which you don't have? This is true muscle!" Eagle strains but breaks the hold getting payback with another body scissors! The bodybuilder is close to passing out before Eagle pins him with a crippling banana split! Jake screams in pain, "So you know how to wrestle!"
The muscle monsters take a break for a flex off. Eagle pats Jake's quad, "Still got some loose skin over there!" The naive bodybuilder still hasn't learned his lesson and turns his back flexing a double bicep. Eagle full nelsons the muscle hunk with his powerful pythons taking him down into a head scissors. This time, Jake breaks free mounting the muscle beast's chest and scissors his skull. "Who has more powerful thighs now? Go to sleep!" Eagle screams in agony, "My head! Don't crush it!" The devious bodybuilder climbs off his victim, "Look at you. Think you could mess with the big dogs?" The muscle beasts tie up. Eagle takes Jake down in an arm-breaking hammerlock. Time for revenge! The Adonis mounts Jake's chest wrapping his quads around his skull; the bodybuilder struggles to stay conscious under the pressure. The camera drops down, zooms in, and you the fan will get a BIRD'S EYE VIEW what it feels like to be trapped in Eagle's tree trunk quads! Veins bulging, muscles popping as quads of steel crush your skull, could you handle the intense pressure? Jake struggles to stand, "Still got bigger legs no matter what!" The battle for the best quads intensifies: standing head scissors, body scissors, banana splits, a skull-crushing PEDIGREE! These muscle monsters are out to destroy each other and aren't satisfied until their opponent passes out again and again under the power of their quads! Who will take the title of best quads in Thunder's Arena? You gotta see it to find out!