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Jake vs Frey - Bodybuilder Battle 111

Jake vs Frey - Bodybuilder Battle 111

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Jake is becoming very destructive with his new powerful legs.  He has got a move where he sleepers out his victim then wakes him up by head scissors because the pain is so intense you can't sleep and you wake up to a screaming head ache!  He is all about trying to put this move on Frey.  This is another classic battle where Frey takes on the new kid but Jake has the attitude and the body to stand up to Frey and his dirty tricks.  There are some intense moments with the body scissors and head scissors that catch both men off guard and have to give a submission.  The real war happens over a pair of trunks of all things.  The sleeper holds were twice where both men got each other asleep on the mat.  

See Frey got a new pair of wrestling shorts for Christmas and Jake decides he is going to rip them right off Frey's body, which he does in a very surprising way you don't want to miss.  Then the two of them battle very intense to keep the shorts for themselves.  It is a classic fight with sleeper holds, scissor holds, and bearhugs you are going to love watching.  Frey even traps Jake in a legit painful Figure-4 leg lock to punish him even more.  Then Jake destroys back with a "screem for mercy" arm bar and head scissors combo that surprised everyone in the room, Frey never gets caught in painful submission holds usually.  Then the grand payback is Frey gets Jake in a Tomestone Pile Driver and knocks out the young Jake for 1,2, 3, and so many more.