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Jake vs Hero - No Holds Barred 187

$ 25.95

It's muscle worship and NON-STOP action in this battle of the best wrestler! A flex off has Jake and Hero comparing their rock-hard muscle, feeling out each other's biceps and chests. "Men among boys, that's what this is!" taunts Jake. "It's not even close to mine!" mocks Hero declaring he's the better wrestler. Playtime is over as Jake wraps Hero in a CRUSHING headlock dragging Hero down. Hero groans in pain as Jake mounts Hero's abs stretching out his legs and locks in a brutal arm-bar. "All that muscle, feel that power around you!" threatens Jake laying on top of Hero with a GUILLOTINE CHOKE. Hero gasps for air and is laid out forced to worship Jake's bulging biceps as he flexes. The dominant Jake muscle worships Hero, yanks Hero to his knees in a tight sleeper, and wraps his quads of steel around Hero in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! "You're gonna break my neck!" screams Hero crumbling on his back. Jake drops to his knees BURYING Hero's face between his powerful quads and demands more muscle worship until Hero breaks away with a dirty trick. Ready for payback, Hero orders Jake to worship his muscle then drags Jake into a vicious sleeper. His eyes rolling back in his head, Jake nearly passes out as Hero flexes in victory. Back on his feet, Jake unleashes his power with an overhead press, RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug, and over-the-knee back breaker! Hero collapses to the mat barely moving as Jake mounts Hero's chest; the steamy muscle worship continuing. A brutal low blow sends Jake crashing to the ground for a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and double hammerlock. "My arms, I can't feel them!" screams Jake as Hero pulls harder and harder trying to snap Jake's arms. The back-and-forth battle continues as a Boston crab, devastating sleepers, guillotine choke, and crushing bearhugs lead to BREATH-TAKING knockouts and intense muscle worship!