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Jake pins Iceman 18 to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake vs Iceman - Mat Wars 114

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

“I own you now!”  Holy s***!  Jake is back at Thunder’s Arena and, well, see for yourself!  Jake has been working hard in the gym, getting in contest shape for a bodybuilding competition – he’s only a week out and boy, does it show!  The video opens with Jake in tiny posing trunks, working on his routine for the show.  As he goes through the various poses, every ripped muscle pops and bulges – with not an ounce of bodyfat to be seen, Jake is a shredded alpha muscle-freak!  Enter Iceman18, who is helping Jake with his routine.  Iceman18 barks out instructions, telling Jake how to stand and what to flex next.  Then Jake turns to show the back.  Woah!  Those posing trunks are trying to contain his muscle glutes, but they are failing epically!  Iceman18 looks on as Jake launches into a double bicep!  But posing can take it out of you – is Iceman18 playing Jake?  Iceman18 isn’t exactly a slouch in the physique department himself!  Decked out in tight trunks (that also have containment issues), Iceman18 changes the subject to his payment for helping Jake – when the bodybuilder comes up short, Iceman18 decides to get payment another way; Iceman18 takes a cheap shot, wrapping his arm around Jake’s neck for a sleeperhold!  The exhausted bodybuilder is out!  Jake lies prone on the mat, but Iceman18 isn’t going to leave it there and slaps the musclehunk awake!  But you know what they say about dogs and sleeping – and Jake is a BIG dog!  Suddenly Iceman18 finds himself lifted high off the mat in Jake’s bearhug, those massive arms wrapped tight around his lower back, crushing into his spine!  “Come on man,” Iceman18 begs. “It’s all fun and games!”  Evidently, Jake does NOT agree!  He shakes Iceman18 from side to side before slamming him to the mat and slapping on a revenge sleeper of his own!  Iceman18’s eyes bulge almost as much as Jake’s biceps as he’s robbed of consciousness!  Jake flexes his HARD body over Iceman18’s prone form – talk about a plethora of pause moments!

Jake pulls Iceman18’s head between his thighs for a standing headscissor, his quads crushing sleeping superstar awake!  Iceman18 clutches his head in pain as he feels the power in those AWESOME legs.  The confident bodybuilder turns his back on Iceman18, who seizes the moment to clamp on a Full Nelson!  Iceman18 pours everything he has into the hold, but Jake is just too powerful and flexes out of it!  Iceman18 finds himself lifted up again, this time in a reverse bearhug – Jake’s arms constrict and crush deep into Iceman18’s abs, but it’s not enough to get a submission.  Jake is distracted by his own muscle and flexes for the camera, giving Iceman18 an opening to catch him in another sleeper hold!  Iceman18 gives a flexing show of his own, showing off what he’s got and working up a sweat.  Jake comes too, furious at being put out again – he lunges forward, slipping his arms under Iceman18’s for a takedown!  The cocky fratboy gets an up close and personal view of Jake’s rock-hard glutes as he’s trapped in the bodybuilder’s legs!  Jake switches to a straight headscissor, punishing Iceman18 with crushing pressure!

Jake goes back to working on his routine, but Iceman18 isn’t done.  A gutpunching battle ensues, with each trying to break down the other’s brick wall!  A picture-perfect crab from Jake will have you reaching for the mouse – but it’ll take more than that to keep the stubborn superstar down!  Even a sudden rainstorm can’t keep these two gladiators apart!  Will Jake’s muscle prove too much for Iceman18 to handle?  Or will the bodybuilder taste defeat at the hands of his ‘coach’?  Download this match today and find out for yourself – you’ll be glad you did!