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Jake puts Kasee into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake vs Kasee - Vegas Battles 59

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

This match has some of the most INTENSE muscle worship ever filmed at Thunder's Arena! It begins mid-action with Jake OVERHEAD PRESSING Kasee repeatedly up and down, "You're never gonna do that again! You're nothing; look how weak you are!" Kasee groans in pain pleading, "I'm sorry; put me down!" The muscle beast drops him to the mat planting his foot on his chest. "Try to pick up my leg; it weighs as much as you! Your scrawny self decides to play games with me?" What did Kasee do? Jake sits his victim up and wraps his QUADS OF STEEL around his skull in a standing head scissors, "Feel that power!" The muscle stud is in agony nearly passing out from the pressure. "I ain't done with you!" Jake full nelsons Kasee then picks him up in a rear bearhug SHAKING him up and down like a rag doll. "I'm sorry bro!" The muscle stud screams collapsing to the mat. Jake applies another head scissors on the mat. "Not the legs again!" Kasee struggles to breathe; his face turns red as he goes to sleep. "It's like I'm wrestling my little brother. Try something; come at me!" challenges Jake. Kasee charges in but is stopped mid-run with brutal gut punches from the beast's MEATHOOK hands. The muscle hunk can barely catch his breath before he is lifted in a massive fireman's carry and overhead pressed again, "I'm sorry!" Jake stands over his fallen victim as Kasee begins to worship his legs of steel. "You got big tree trunks." The behemoth is distracted leaving Kasee open to deliver a quick gut punch. Jake doubles over in pain, "You think you're big and bad now?" "Look at these traps!" Kasee massages his boulder shoulders then quickly jumps on his back locking in a tight sleeper. Jake is caught off guard. "Little wobbly now aren't ya?" The beast falls to his knees gasping for air but is able to flip Kasee off ELBOWING his chiseled abs! "You wanna play cheap too?" Jake delivers a crippling camel clutch forcing Kasee to worship his bulging biceps and beefy chest then delivers another standing head scissors. "You want it tighter? Say it louder!" "I'm sorry! Stop!" Kasee can barely breathe as Jake laughs at his suffering. A CRUSHING scissor/sleeper combo soon has the muscle stud counting sheep! "Another one bites the dust!" Jake flexes his thick muscles in victory as Kasee wakes up trying to remember what happened. "You're gonna worship this muscle!" The beast GUT PUNCHES his victim down ordering him to worship his mounds of muscle! "I'm sorry!" With the muscle bull distracted, Kasee is about to unleash his secret plan. What does he have in store for his tormentor? You won't believe your eyes!