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laying head scissor pin

Jake vs Loki - Ring Wars 89

$ 25.95

Thick, meaty muscle or chiseled, rock-hard muscle...are you Team Beef or Team Shreds? "You think you can take me after what you just saw?" challenges Jake wiping the pouring sweat off his ripped abs. Ready to battle, Loki climbs in the ring flexing and posing his mountain of muscle. "You got some pretty big arms and legs; you in your off season?" admires Jake. "Yeah, it's all about that beef. Pretty little over there; gotta keep the gain train going!" mocks Loki. "It's all about that shred!" taunts the chiseled vet as the titans compare double biceps. "Who's bigger though? The beef beats the shreds every time!" Full of RAGE, Jake wraps his bulging bicep around the cocky bodybuilder's throat as he gasps for air, "You like talking s**t! Where you going?" His hulking frame is mercilessly drug around and slammed face first to the mat. Dazed, Loki gets back up and barrels in for a brutal belly to belly bearhug SHAKING the chiseled hunk as he groans in pain collapsing to the ring. "You wish you had that beefy energy right now; don't ya?" Jake crawls for the ropes struggling to pull himself to his feet, "You have that energy cuz I just got done with someone!" Charging in, the ripped vet lifts the 220 pounder in a massive shoulder carry slamming him up and down; his thick abs OBLITERATED on his boulder shoulder! Barely able to catch his breath, the meaty muscle hunk is dropped down for a brutal standing head scissors. "What's better now: shredded or beefy?" demands Jake. "Good thing these aren't beefy, or it would hurt more!" groans Loki struggling to escape as the vengeful hulk FLEXES his quads of steel tighter and tighter, "What about now?" The pressure intensifies as the burly beast falls back nearly passing out while Jake flexes in victory. "What is that?" asks Loki recovering to his feet. "Veins, which you don't got!" mocks the chiseled hulk. "It's about the size, not the veins!" flexes the behemoth as a pose off begins again. Distracted, the beefy hunk wraps his prey in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "You can't get out of this!" "Ahh my arms!" screams Jake straining to flex out of the torturous hold; his veins pumped to the max nearly exploding! Finally, he powers out lifting the 220 pounder in a belly to belly bearhug, climbs the ropes with his bearhug locked in, and splashes down CRUSHING the meaty bodybuilder underneath him into the mat, "I'll let you breathe for a minute!" Barely moving, Loki slowly peels himself up, battling back with a massive fireman's carry, "You're so light with all the shreds! If you were a little beefier, it might be a little more difficult!" Jake gasps for air; his chiseled frame goes limp and is viciously slammed down where Loki STOMPS him over and over as he tries getting up, "Stay down!" Seething in anger, the shredded bodybuilder tackles the burly beast to the mat and unleashes a world of hurt you will not believe: fireman's carry, gut punches, dirty tricks, thunderous bodysplash from the ropes, RIB-CRACKING scissors/sleeper combo, "Like the way those legs squeeze around you?" Loki groans in pain barely escaping as Jake towers over his prey flexing his rock-hard frame. "You're still looking little over there!" mocks the behemoth. "Oh yeah?" The shredded bodybuilder mounts his injured victim ready to rip him apart limb by limb: agonizing stretch, full nelson/scissor combo, head scissors, cradle, a BONE-SHATTERING arm bar, "Where's all that beefy strength at? I think it's all gone away!" Loki's 220lbs frame struggles for air as he's wrapped up in back to back sleepers; the maniacal Jake relishing in his victim's torture, "I like playing with you! Beefy huh? Look at you squirm!" The shredded hulk drops the motionless beast to the mat flexing in victory, but he is in for a surprise! Loki recovers and sneaks up from behind wrapping his powerful python around Jake's throat. "This isn't fair; you were supposed to be knocked out!" gasps the vet slowly losing consciousness as the devious behemoth SQUEEZES tighter, "Don't go to sleep on me yet!" A brutal fight to the finish leads to a heart-pounding end: dragon sleeper, vicious scissors/sleeper combo, crippling camel clutch, a DEVASTATING meathook clothesline! "Guess he's dead; thought he had a little more fight left in him!" Who will be left standing: Team Beef or Team Shreds?