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Jake Scrappy head scissors abs muscle

Jake vs Scrappy - Battlespace 91

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Scrappy is one of Thunder’s Arena’s fastest rising stars, gathering a big fan following!  Jake, new to the Arena, knows an opportunity for advancement when he sees one, challenging Scrappy to a match.  Scrappy obliges and the match is set!

Meeting on the mats, the two men shake hands before locking up.  Jake, in tiny blue trunks, scores the first takedown, manhandling Scrappy (in his signature, barely-there yellow trunks) into a pinning cradle!  Jake is all smiles as Scrappy struggles to get free!  Jake releases and the two lock up again- again, Jake gets the advantage, tying Scrappy’s legs up and immobilising him!  This is not what Scrapy had in mind!  Jake gives Scrappy the classic “come on” sign, beckonging him in before taking him down HARD to the mat, following through with a tight headlock!  Jake trash talks Scrappy, adding a dash of humiliation to the beating.  Jake is fast and all over Scrappy!  Delighting in his domination, Jake even goes so far as to assault Scrappy’s nipple and give him a noogie!  Scrappy finally snaps and breaks free, spinning behind Jake and mounting his back, pulling him up into a rear bearhug!  But Jake has clearly been schooled well, going limp and forcing Scrappy to take all of his weight, before dropping out of the hold leaving Scrappy holding thin air!  Jake flexes his impressive biceps at Scrappy. “Who’s your Daddy, huh?  You like that?  These muscles?  You’re gettin’ your ass whupped!”

Jake and Scrappy tie up again, this time with Scrappy getting behind and clamping on a full nelson!  Jake struggles and squirms, but Scrappy has it clamped on tight and this time he’s ready for Jake’s going limp trick!  But Jake’s muscle isn’t just for show – he grabs Scrappy’s interlocked hands and MUSCLES THEM APART!  Scrappy looks on in disbelief as Jake ducks out of the lethal hold, getting behind and taking Scrappy back down to the mat!  Jake is a master of the mat, tying Scrappy up like a pretzel!  Eventually Scrappy manages to get out and slaps on a nasty leg bar, inflicting agony on the mat technician!  Jake gets free, but he’s not smiling anymore. Scrappy taunts him “What, you can’t handle tough guy moves?”  Jake responds in kind “You want to see some tough guy moves?”  Jake goes low, throwing Scrappy over his shoulders to the mat, following down and clamping on a perfectly executed grapevine!  Scrappy is in absolute agony as his legs are torn apart!  Jake’s impressive pecs bulge and flex as he strains to destroy his foe!  “Get up here, I’m not done with you yet” Jake drags Scrappy up into a rear bearhug, lifting him high off the mat!  Another takedown and Jake clamps on a second grapevine!  Scrappy tries to recover as Jake towers over him, flexing and posing for the camera!  But Scrappy isn’t done yet as he runs up behind Jake, lifting up into a devastating rear bearhug of his own!  Scrappy is CRUSHING Jake’s ribcage as he SADISTICALLY bounces the hold!  Jake’s face is a mixture of shock, pain and disbelief as he desperately tries to escape the punishing hold!  Scrappy throws Jake against the wall and starts drilling firsts into his chest and abs!  Yeah, Scrappy isn’t done!

Awesome scissor holds, front facelocks, pins, smothering headlocks and a whole lot of flexing ensue!  Can Scrappy continue to come back and eke out a win against the mat juggernaut?  Or will Jake claim a massive upset over the established favourite?  Get this stunning match today and witness a new superstar in the making!