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jake steel thunders arena sleeper

Jake vs Steel - Bodybuilder Battle 98

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

This Thunders Arena battle is a heated one. When a bodybuilder takes another bodybuilders protein, its the ultimate sign of disrespect, and when Jake discovers that his former friend Steel ate his precious supply of delicious muscle building chicken, he doesn't take the situation lightly.

Jake storms into the arena, interrupting Steels workout to confront him about the missing chicken. When Steel denies the chicken theft, but insults Jake telling him "you need it more than me anyways," the two decide to settle their differences on the mat.

Jake and Steel lock up, taking each other down to the canvas. Jake manages an impressive waistlock takeover followed by a double leg takedown. Locking up again, he continues to throw Steel around, asserting his dominance until Steel comes back with an impressive scissors hold, wrapping his massive thighs around Jakes head and arm, eliciting a quick tap out. 

The two lock up again with Steel quickly taking Jake down and mounting him, flexing his bulging biceps confidently. "We're not done yet!" He exclaims, grabbing Jake in a painful arm hold from a dominantly mounted position, embarrassing him yet again.

The two amazing athletes crash into each other again, with Steel AGAIN taking the upper hand and scooping Jake up into a massive bearhug, using his powerful arms and chest to squeeze the energy right out of the grunting and groaning Jake. Steel thrashes Jake around like a rag doll before tossing him down to the ground.

Sensing things are not going well, Jake digs deep and blasts Steel with a completely devastating back breaker, changing the momentum of the matchup. Jake wraps his muscular around around the neck of Steel, synching in a textbook sleeper hold. Not satisfied, Jake rolls back and wraps his muscled up thighs around Steels waist for a bodyscissor/sleeper combo, putting him out by squeezing the air out of his lungs and cutting the blood supply to his brain off all at once. 

Jake demands Steel wake up so he can inflict further punishment for the alleged chicken theft. This time, however, Steel gets the upper hand grabbing a crushing bearhug and a powerful full nelson, inflicting pain on every ounce of Jakes ripped muscle. After taking him down to the mat, Steel locks his thighs on either side of jakes head, flexing his muscle bound quads to get another tap out from Jake. Unrelenting, Steel chooses to dive right back onto his opponent, this time wrapping  his massive legs around the midsection of Jake, trying to crush his ribs. Another takedown shortly thereafter sees Steel mounting Jake and rolling into a vicious armbar submission, trapping Jakes arm between his legs and darn near pulling it out of the socket to embarrass Jake yet again. 

Another brutalizing headscissors sees Jake withering in pain on the mat yet again, but after getting free Jake defiantly refuses to admit defeat, instead trying to out flex his larger opponent. Steel humors him and enters the pose down, but tensions continue to rise until Steel grabs Jake in an incredibly painful full nelson, before scooping him up into a muscle bound bearhug, then pressing him overhead with a mighty gorilla press. Posing triumphantly, Steel flexes his massive biceps, telling Jake he'll eat all the chicken he wants......