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laying head scissor pin

Jake vs Steel - Ring Wars 88

$ 34.75

"They keep sending me all these bodybuilders: big, hunky, mother f***ers!" Steel enters the ring rudely disrupting Jake's private posing for his fans. "What are you like SpongeBob; gotta puff up your muscles?" mocks Jake flexing his own chiseled frame, "That's called hard muscle!" Unimpressed, Steel joins in with a beefy double bicep, "I got the best of both worlds: a good body, and I kick people's a**es!" Jake grins in disbelief, "I'm pretty sure my muscle outweighs yours, and my skills outweigh yours!" A flex off leads to Steel checking out the beast's rock-hard pecs and abs pushing him away. Pissed off, Jake charges in with a massive fireman's carry violently SHAKING the vet on his boulder shoulders, "What about your moves now?" Steel groans in pain and is tossed down struggling to his knees. "Worship all that huge muscle!" orders Jake flexing over his fallen prey. Giving in, Steel feels out the bodybuilder's granite slab quad and washboard abs, "How hard are they? Hold on; I'm gonna test them out real fast!" A surprise gut punch sends the muscle beast CRASHING to the floor, "That's cheap; that ain't wrestling!" His hulking frame gasps for air as he's wrapped up in a powerful sleeper. "You like getting choked out by these biceps don't you?" taunts Steel as Jake struggles to escape the tight embrace, "It is pretty freaking big!" Nearly passing out, the bodybuilder crawls away struggling to breathe as Steel admires and KICKS his beefy glutes, "Solid a**, pure muscle huh?" Reaching the ropes, Jake pulls himself to his feet springing across the ring with a MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE nearly taking off Steel's head! "Where you going now?" taunts the bodybuilder mounting the vet's beefy chest pinning his pythons down with his knees. "Get off me you f***ing ape!" groans Steel struggling to breathe. "Try and pick up these legs; you ain't too big now!" flexes Jake. Back on their feet, the muscle beast charges in lifting the vet in a shoulder carry SLAMMING him into the ropes as he crumbles to the ground for grueling full nelson/body scissors combo. "Like the way those legs squeeze you? Big, bad Steel looking like plastic right now!" laughs the dominant Jake letting go. Hungry for revenge, the vet recovers hoisting the bodybuilder up in a fireman's carry parading him around SMACKING his meaty quads. "You're so f***ing big!" admires Steel slamming his victim down for a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! "No, no!" screams Jake; the muscle hunk's tree-trunk quads squeeze tighter and tighter. "Crush your head; there's nothing you can do! You're gonna go lights out!" Barely conscious, the behemoth is set free; his hulking frame coughing just to catch a breath. Things go from bad to worse as both titans UNLEASH their secret weapons to tear each other apart! Jake strikes first with an over-the-shoulder takedown, tight cradle, and round of dirty tricks you will not believe! Steel screams in agony as the muscle beast HAMMERS away at his abs then rolls him over on his face mounting his tree-trunk quads. "Feel those abs, all the way down those legs!" Pinned down, the dominant Jake forces his prey to worship his rock-hard body before letting him go. "Look at this s**t!" brags the bodybuilder flexing as Steel secretly climbs out of the ring YANKING the distracted hulk over the top rope. Jake groans in pain; his neck pulled back about to break, and his chiseled back prodded by Steel's knee. "Rip that big head off; I got a nice little surprise for you too!" A vicious low blow levels the bodybuilder feverishly heading for the ring post. Trying to finish him off, Steel BARRELS in like a freight train, but Jake ducks away sending the muscle hunk crashing into the turnbuckle! Barely moving, the behemoth mounts his victim's abs STRETCHING him out with his quads of steel and claws his beefy pecs! "Don't squeeze them so hard!" pleads Steel as the ruthless beast digs deeper leaving his hand prints! "Look at those big biceps! Where you going huh?" taunts Jake. The brutal battle continues; a two-handed choke, low blows, and dirty tricks lead to one muscle hunk climbing the turnbuckle for a JAW-DROPPING finish!