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texas bearhug Jake

Jake vs Texas - No Holds Barred 156

$ 25.95

Muscle worship, painful holds, and loads of dirty tricks, it's bodybuilder vs wrestler in this BRUTAL match up! "So you wanna be a bodybuilder? How you gonna be a bodybuilder if you don't have no muscle? Look at that chest; it's kid muscle," mocks Jake flexing his mountainous frame. Texas grabs handfuls of the vet's beefy pecs, "Rock solid, you're a good wrestler, but you gotta show some respect!" The dominant behemoth orders Texas to worship his bulging biceps and chiseled lats, "Muscles are respect! What are you gonna do about it?" A fired up Texas wrangles the big man down, rolls him into a tight body scissors, and worships his meaty pecs as he moans in pain. Jake struggles but powers out delivering a grueling leg stretch then wraps his victim up in a vicious scissor/sleeper combo! His powerful python and quads of steel SQUEEZE the air from his lungs as Texas cries out, "Your legs are like tree trunks; that's deep in there!" The devious bodybuilder appears to show mercy releasing his hold only to deliver a massive UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug and brutal mid-air dirty trick! Texas is in agony crumbling to the mat as the muscle beast mounts his chest. "Feel that muscle; I got you weighted down!" orders Jake as he smothers the wrestler's face with his beefy pecs and STRETCHES out his legs with his tree trunk quads. Helpless to escape, Texas worships his captor's chiseled frame as Jake moans in pure ecstasy! The behemoth's insatiable appetite for dominance continues as he straddles Texas BURYING his face deep between his rock-hard quads, "Like the way I squeeze that head? You can't get out!" taunts the beast as the wrestler groans in agony. Jake lets go rolling his motionless victim over for a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! "It's so tight!" screams Texas in pain as the behemoth flexes tighter; his face turning red from the intense pressure! The bodybuilder releases, but the damage is done as Texas can barely get to his knees, "You gotta respect the wrestler man!" Jake laughs, "Respect what? What have you done?" Out of nowhere, Texas barrels in yanking the behemoth down to the mat and GATOR ROLLS him over for a crossbody pin. Time for payback, a tight cradle, brutal arm, ab, leg stretches and dirty trick have Jake howling in pain as Texas turns up the heat worshipping his beefy frame. "Come on muscles, you're gonna give!" orders the wrestler as he BENDS the beast's wrist nearly to the point of breaking. Jake's face is pure torture narrowly escaping the brutal hold. A power struggle emerges as both hunks roll around the mat trying for a pin or submission. Texas finally mounts the behemoth's abs, pins his arm down, and STRETCHES out the shorter bodybuilder with his long legs. "Like that big boy? You got to show your respect to wrestling. Tap out!" "It hurts!" Jake is in agony unable to escape the brutal stretch and feverishly taps! The tides are turning as Texas UNLEASHES a world of hurt on the big man; an arm bar, hammerlocks, vicious ball and chain, banana split, and crushing head scissors! "Muscle means nothing if you can't wrestle!" taunts Texas. The muscle worship gets even more intense, and a barrage of back and forth brutal dirty tricks breaks out as these hunks try and rip each other apart! Multiple STOMPS to the groin, massive belly to belly bearhug, and crushing standing head scissors lead to a devastating arm bar, "Who is better: bodybuilder or wrestler?" A gut-wrenching scream and sound of BONE BREAKING sends shockwaves through the arena! You wont believe what happens next!