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Jake vs Vidar - Vegas Battles 58

$ 34.75

"Whose this guy? scoffs Vidar as he towers over the smaller Jake. "Who knows? Maybe it might be your competition!" The goliaths pose comparing their mounds of muscle. "I'll give you this; you are thick," admires Vidar. "Think you can take on a beast like me?" asks Jake. "Let's see whose got it!" The bulls lock up pushing each other around the mat. Out of nowhere, Jake delivers a SCOOP SLAM to the 260 pound giant, "Whose the big guy now!" He climbs on the behemoth's back and locks in a quick sleeper. Vidar moans in pain and appears to tap, so Jake let's go. "Tapping out already?" "Not just yet!" The giant wraps his biceps around the vet in a massive belly to back bearhug. Jake struggles to breathe as he slumps to the mat. Vidar continues his torture rolling him over in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors. "No!" pleads Jake as he struggles to break away. Somehow, the vet escapes and pins the giant down with a crossbody headlock/scissors combo! Vidar's hulking muscles can't break away. Jake mounts the beast crushing his ribs with his QUADS OF STEEL stretching out his legs at the same time! "How's that feel?" Vidar howls in pain powerless to escape as Jake rolls him over into a reverse body scissors. The pressure of the vet's quads is so intense, the giant is forced to tap out! Vidar stumbles to his feet PISSED that he was forced to submit and picks the vet up in a massive fireman's carry! He slams him up and down on his boulder shoulders as Jake cries out, "My stomach!" The vet is thrown to the mat completely gassed. Vidar flexes in victory, so Jake uses the distraction to trip the giant and rolls him into a tight cradle! "You ain't going nowhere. Look whose stronger!" "Vidar's not done yet!" The behemoth powers out, slams the vet to the mat, and delivers a CRUSHING scissor/sleeper combo! Jake's face turns as red as his trunks; his thick muscles powerless in the viselike grip, and he passes out! "Get up!" The beast forced his prey to wake up and delivers a crippling camel clutch! The vet moans under the pressure but escapes TACKLING the big man down. Jake mounts Vidar again SQUEEZING him with his quads of steel then stomps his abs over and over! The muscle hulk screams clutching his bruised abs but battles back with a brutal belly to back bearhug. "My ribs! I can't breathe!" Jake crumbles to the mat as the giant locks in a tight Boston crab! The back and forth battle continues: arm bars, cradles, a massive CHOKELIFT! "Think you can beat someone like me? I don't think so!" mocks Jake. Vidar retaliates with a take down and stands on his chest CRUSHING him with his 260 pounds, "Not in my house, not today!" A fight to the finish will have you guessing how it ends, scissors, bearhugs, sleepers, an INSANE over the knee back breaker! Will Jake finally bring down the behemoth, or will Vidar squash him into the mat? The winner declaring themselves to be King of the Mountain!