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Jake and Aspen at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake vs Aspen Part 2 - Custom Video Series 93

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Muscle worship fans, if you thought part one was good, get ready, as part two gets even HOTTER! "Why don't you feel that leg right there? Get on your knees!" orders Jake flexing his tree trunk quads. "Freaky legs man!" Aspen is in awe squeezing the bodybuilder's meaty thigh then works his way up to his bulging biceps. The muscle beast flexes a double bicep as the hairy hunk tries surprising him with a full nelson, "I can't get my arms around you!" Both titans flex and compare their beefy frames as Aspen runs his hands all over Jake even kissing his thick arm. With the behemoth distracted, he tries again with a full nelson this time locking it in! The burly bodybuilder groans in pain but flexes out PINNING Aspen's arms between his biceps and chest, "Worship that muscle; feel that chest!" The hairy hunk squeezes two handfuls of his meaty pecs until Jake is satisfied and lets him go forcing him to kiss his quads of steel, "You like that?" It's Aspen's turn to feel the pain as the muscle beast wraps his powerful pythons around him in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson taking him down! On his back, Jake pulls his victim on top of his mountain of muscle and stretches Aspen's legs out as he cries out in agony. Somehow, he escapes and mounts the bodybuilder pinning him to the mat! "Squeeze that bicep; worship that alpha muscle!" The hairy hunk's hands begin TREMBLING squeezing as hard as he can before rolling the big man over for a brutal body scissor/shoulder stretch combo! Now in control, Aspen runs his hands all over his prize as Jake moans in pure ecstasy! The behemoth struggles but breaks free mounting his captor's furry frame, "You wanna see some good abs? Get em right in your face!" Jake rolls forward SMOTHERING Aspen's face with his chiseled abs as he gasps for air trying to push him away. "Sit up! Kiss those abs!" orders the dominant beast as he yanks his victim to his knees. The muscle worship gets even more INTENSE as Aspen kisses and explores his mountainous frame! "You know you want all that big muscle!" flexes Jake. Playtime is over as the hairy hunk tackles the big man and FOLDS his legs clear over to his head! The behemoth screams in pain forced to worship Aspen's furry pecs, "You like that chest don't you? Deep stretch!" Things get a little down and dirty as the hairy hunk has his way with Jake stretching him farther and farther! His torture doesn't last long as the bodybuilder breaks free and sits on Aspen's chest BURYING his face deep in his quads of steel folding his legs over in revenge. Back in charge, Jake's insatiable desire for more pain continues: over the knee back breaker, dirty tricks, a series of front and rear bearhugs that will blow your mind! In between breaking his back, Jake mounts his motionless victim CRUSHING his skull with his tree trunk quads and smothering his face with his crotch! "All that muscle got you weighted down?" You ain't going nowhere!" In desperation, Aspen swings his legs up trying to flip the behemoth to his back, but it does no good as he is left breathless on the mat. The ruthless Jake stands up straddling his helpless prey and wraps his pythons around his already damaged back. "No, no!" Aspen pleads for mercy as he's picked up in another brutal belly to belly bearhug. His beefy back seconds away from snapping as he falls back hanging upside down in EXCRUCIATING pain until he is dropped to the mat! A fire ignites inside Aspen as he recovers and unleashes a world of hurt on the big man: bearhug, forearm blows, vicious stomps, reverse scissors! Jake's face is inches away from Aspen's backside as he folds the bodybuilder over grabbing his beefy glutes with both hands and begins TANNING his hide harder and harder! A massive red mark forms as he screams in agony, "Feels like I just got spanked by my dad!" Jake is rolled to his belly as Aspen gets up and close and personal finishing off his backside! The back and forth action heats up! Extreme muscle worship, dirty tricks, and a brutal bearhug battle lead to one of the CRAZIEST finishes you have ever seen! Let's just say not everyone escapes with their trunks!