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Jarhead vs Caesar - Custom Video Series 136

$ 31.25

Jarhead and Caesar just returned back to their Vegas villa from an all you can eat buffet. They begin to argue over who ate more and who has the better carb pump. All of a sudden, Caesar springs into Jarhead. Throwing him against the balcony and hitting him with some gut punches. Jarhead is not one to back down and turns it on Caesar. Throwing out some gut punches of his own, Jarhead gains control of the newbie Caesar dropping him to the mat and locking in a head scissors while flexing for the audience at home. Caesar doesn't let his arrogance fade and keeps coming at his opponent. Jarhead locks in a smothering chest to chest bearhug thrusting his hips into Caesars really taking it to him. After being thrown to the mat, Caesar gets an opportunity and takes Jarhead down to the mat locking in a boston crab. This doesn't last long after Jarhead breaks out and locks in another bearhug. Wearing down his opponent, the takes it to the mat with a leg scissors around Caesar's head. Caesar eventually prys open Jarhead's muscular quads and breaks out. This short burst leads to Caesar back in Jarhead's grip in a humiliating schoolboy pin. He then lifts his opponent and squats him like he is in a gym. A reset leads to more of the same...Jarhead's domination of Caesar. Using bearhugs, ab claws, a rear sleeper/leg scissor combo, and a DEEP boston crab Jarhead wears Caesar down before stepping on him and flexing. Caesar is not done though and keeps coming for more. He locks Jarhead up and uses a serious wedgie. The dirty trick lets Caesar take control. He locks in a standing headscissors and flexes his vascular biceps. He stomps on Jarheads abs and starts the smack talk. Some muscle comparison shows off both men's defined, pumped up muscles before the action starts again. Jarhead bends Caesar over his knee in a backbreaker and delivers some thunderous punches to his gut. "Now the pump is setting in!" Caesar acts if he is not even phased and gets up for more. Grabbing Jarhead and throwing him up in a torture rack, Caesar gains temporary control. Giving back those gut punches from before, Caesar's arrogance begins to build. But, Jarhead's experience gives him the upper hand and he locks in a full nelson. The action goes off the mat and against the villa wall, when both wrestlers exchange more massive gut punches before Caesar launches Jarhead back on to the mat. Jarhead begins to get exhausted by the energetic new guy. A battle on the mat leads to a dramatic ending! Who wins this post-buffet battle of beef?