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Jedrick vs Scorpion - Mat Rats 187

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Action from the bell launches you on to the mat with Scorpion and Jedrick WRESTLING! Jedrick and Scorpion are equally fast and equally strong on the mat, so an intense wrestling scramble leaves both men in shambles with neither getting an advantage. Scorpion mounts some momentum when Jedrick begins to slow down a bit, but Jedrick slows the pace and locks in some TIGHT submission holds ripping and tearing at Scorpions limbs while he yells in agony! 

Jedrick enjoys the advantage very shortly when Scorpion comes back with a vengeance. Scorpion is longer and a bit more agile than Jedrick and that seems to be the difference so far. Scorpion is able to use his long limbs to get Jedrick in tight full nelsons and bend him up in pins on the mat! Scorpion begins striking Jedrick slamming his forearms and fists into Jedrick's back and abs! 

The mat gets drenched in sweat and the wrestlers begin sliding around on the mat and on each other! When Jedrick or Scorpion can lock on a bearhug they have to squeeze and hold for dear life  as they slip and slide around the mat while the air is being squeezed out of their lungs! Can either guy get their footing enough to finish the job? Watch this exciting ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Download NOW!