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Jeremy walker dominicd headscissors flex flexing biceps arms chest pecs abs muscle worship

Jeremy Walker vs Dominic - Rough & Ready 36

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It was another day at ThundersArena for Dominic. Just hanging on Easter Sunday waiting for the next opponent to come in and that he can dominate. Jeremy shows up and walks out ready for a battle with Dominic. Dominic takes Jeremy and puts him in a side head lock to start things off, showing how its done here at ThundersArena. Jeremy gets out of the hold though, and quickly gets Dominic in the same hold. But Dominic doesn't stay caught up in the headlock for to long as he gets out of it quickly. They lock up for a while before Dominic takes the chance to get behind Jeremy and gets him in bearhug from behind. He holds Jeremy for a while , squeezing the big guy. Once Jeremy is let go, he gets behind Dominic this time and puts him in a bearhug from behind as well. Matching him move for move for most of the match. They do some ground work and continue to test each other while flexing in between.