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Jersey vs Kai - Mat Wars 54A

$ 34.75

#1 Best Seller in Aug 2015

The family resemblance is undeniable as Jersey and his little brother, Kai sit side-by-side on the couch, both in their red speedo trunks.  Jersey introduces his little brother and goes on to say that he was much better at wrestling.... better at just about everything, than Kai was.  “I’m gonna kick his ass, Like I always do.”   Frey pops up from behind the couch and slaps Jersey in the side of the head.  Jersey flinches and inadvertently smacks his brother, who gets defensive and starts a fight while Frey slinks away unnoticed by Kai.  Jersey’s blood is boiling at this point and he abandons his effort to fight Frey and focuses on his little brother who won’t back down.  The two start pushes each other and Jersey gets the takedown.  “Who’s  the big brother?” Jersey says as he lays on top of Kai.  But Kai retaliates and rolls Jersey onto his back where delivers a few gut shots and arms chops.  Jersey hoists his little brother into the air in a rack, the threatens a pile driver, but takes pity on Kai.  The two trade holds on the mat before, Jersey traps Kai in a full nelson, making his bro beg for mercy.  But Kai has a secret weapon.  As Jersey pins Kai, the little bro lets one rip and it clears his brother from the mat.  Jersey goes on a tirade, telling Kai he’s a dirty land that he needs to go take a shower.  Kai fans the offensive air towards Jersey and receives a drop kick to halt the attack.  More bearhugs threaten to crack Kai’s ribs, but his big brother relents, as he tells tales of their youth.  Kai capitalizes on his brother’s retreat and throws him to the mat, stomping his chest several times before applying his own full nelson.  Big brother regains his footing and gets Kai back up into a rack, parading him around the mat, trash-talking before bringing him down on his knee in an excruciating back breaker.  Jersey makes his brother show off his muscles, flexing and comparing them to his own.  Little brother is made to submit as his tormenter stretches him out in a  banana split.  Jersey is unrelenting as he goes from move to move, settling on a Boston Crab before releases his bro.  Kai gets to his feet and wastes no time in going on the offensive, hoisting his big brother up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, dumping him on the couch, pulling him back onto them at and attacking his abs with punches and a kick.  But Jersey shows that he has learned a few tricks in his years and gets his brother with a series of nelsons and a camel clutch.  “It’s always gonna be like this”, Jersey says a s he cranks on his brother’s neck, dialing up the pain.  Kai recovers and tortures his older brother’s legs with camel clutches and one leg stretches of his own.  But Jersey’s had enough and in a throwback to their childhood, Jersey goes for a “titty twister”, pinching and twisting his little brother’s nipples and then lifting him into the air by them before throwing him to the mat and doing it all again.  Jersey continues his assault, using a dragon sleeper repeatedly, but stopping just before his little brother loses consciousness.  Will Jersey knock Kai out and find Frey or will the little brother hold his own?  Buy your download or DVD today and find out.