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Jersey Luke head scissors abs arms pecs

Jersey vs Luke - No Holds Barred 52

$ 31.25

The newly named Luke is introducing himself to Jersey, trash talking him for being so small. Jersey isn’t afraid though, says he’s beat up guys much bigger than Luke is. The two guys start grappling and Jersey manages to pick Luke up into a fireman’s carry. Luke is up there screaming to be put down. Jersey drops him down and pins him to the ground, asking what his name was again. Luke isn’t intimidated and flips Jersey over and starts to try tapping him out. Jersey kicks back repeatedly though, so Luke tries another maneuver, he flips Jersey over and puts him into a killer camel clutch! Jersey isn’t so flexible and not able to bend over backwards so well, Luke gets a tap out of him very easily. Jersey is rolling on the ground in pain, but is able to get a quick low blow cheap shot against Luke. Luke is dying! He’s in so much pain he can’t even stand up. Jersey is acting all tough, flexing over the crippled Luke, after awhile, Luke retaliates with a cheap shot of his own. While Jersey’s struggling on the ground, Luke grabs Jersey by the head and flips him over. These guys are both a little sore but are ready to get going again. Jersey flips Luke over his hips onto the mat and starts to drag Luke around. He puts Jersey into a camel clutch of his own and Luke’s screaming in pain. He doesn’t tap though so Jersey flips him over and pins his arms behind his back in another move of stretching torture. Wanting to torture Luke even more for the cheap shot earlier he flips him around and puts him into an extremely tight head scissors! He’s crushing Luke’s neck, while he’s struggling to breathe. Jersey’s just relaxing there when Luke manages to break free and starts beating up on Jersey. He puts Jersey into a schoolboy pin, crushing his neck and humiliating him at the same time Luke claims Jersey not to be so tough after all, while Jersey’s still catching his breath on the mat. Luke comes in with a jumping leg scissors around Jersey’s neck! He knocks Jersey down to the ground and falls into another schoolboy pin. Jersey doesn’t take so kindly to this, so once he breaks free, he picks Luke up by the crotch and slings him over his shoulder! The lift was intense and Jersey’s laying across Jersey’s back in a fireman’s carry in absolute agony. Jersey flips him off his shoulders onto the mat and starts torturing Luke while he’s still reeling from the crotch shot. Jersey finds that Luke is a lot more flexible than he thought so he starts twisting his arms and body around into even more and more painful positions. Jersey is on top of Luke now and repeatedly body slamming him when Luke manages to wriggle an arm free to flip Jersey off of him. Luke’s wanting revenge and starts to torture ‘dirt Jersey’ by playing a little dirty himself. Luke and Jersey are two young guys who are very evenly matched, they’re attacking each other with any means necessary to come out on top. Which one will be left standing by the end of the match?