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Jersey Viggo groin shot pecs arms abs

Jersey vs Viggo - No Holds Barred 51

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

This match starts off with the two guys already grappling one another. Jersey quickly flips Viggo down onto the mat and starts maneuvering him into a reverse headlock. They get up and start talking to each other, they were just warming up and now it’s time for the real match to begin. Jersey goes down low and picks Viggo up into a fireman’s carry before dropping him hard onto the mat, just to show how strong he is. Viggo hasn’t been impressed, flexing all his ripped muscles in front of Jersey. Jersey’s muscles aren’t nearly as toned, but he’s out to show Viggo that he’s just as strong, if not stronger. These guys are going back and forth flexing, and Jersey’s getting mad, telling Viggo not to get too cocky. Viggo is cocky though, his muscles are huge and he doesn’t think Jersey’s nearly as strong as he claims to be. While Viggo’s flexing Jersey gets him with a cheap shot low blow, then runs around behind him and picks him up into a strong bear hug. He’s crushing down on Viggo hard showing him his muscles are no laughing matter. Viggo gets up and is shaking it off, before going in to pick up Jesrey to show him how a real bear hug is done! He’s crushing Jersey who’s screaming in pain, Viggo drops him down and flips him over his knee into a back breaker, Viggo’s stretching Jersey out really hard, Jersey’s trying to fight the agony but Viggo’s hold is too strong. Viggo give Jersey a quick hit and drops him to the mat like a rag. As Jersey’s getting up, Viggo gives him no rest and immediately starts choking him up into a choke hold, holding Jersey up off the ground by just his neck! If Jersey could breathe he’d definitely be screaming! Once he’s broken out of the choke hold, Jersey makes his moves back against Viggo and takes him down to the mat for a schoolboy pin. He’s showing off in Viggo’s helpless face before flipping him over into a tight body scissors. Jersey’s crushing Viggo’s body with his thighs, but Viggo isn’t quite impressed. To make it worse, Jersey grabs Viggo’s arm and starts yanking that away from his shoulder while still pressing down on Viggo’s body with his legs. Viggo manages to break free by taking a cheap shot at Jersey, who really feels that one. Jersey’s taking a breather trying to recover while Viggo is just flexing and rejoicing in his hurting Jersey so much. Jersey’s not nearly as amused and is ready to get back at Viggo in a real painful move, the spladle. Jersey’s got Viggo all tied up and is just stretching his legs as far apart as possible. Viggo’s in total agony and completely helpless at fighting back against Jersey. Jersey’s enjoying this, holding Viggo and making him scream, he’s trying to get him to tap out, and after holding out for awhile, Viggo finally taps. Jersey’s pumped that he’s gotten the first tap against Viggo, who’s still reeling from the painful hold. Viggo isn’t too happy about tapping, so he’s going to get back at Jersey hard, he’s got Jersey on the mat and folded over backwards when he gives him a slap so hard his hand print is left sitting on Jersey’s leg! These two seem to be very evenly matched in strength and are just taking turns torturing each other. Who will come out victorious in the end? Buy the match today to find out.