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Jet slash banana split submission hold submit growing legs chest pecs abs

Jet vs Slash - Mat Rats 69

$ 31.25

Slash is back! And he’s taking on our newest muscle stud wrestler, Jet. They meet up in a jungle scene outside where Jet’s calling slash old and asking the old man how long it’s been since he’s been on a mat. Slash says it hasn’t been all that long and he’s going to show Jet some old man strength. Jet quickly over powers Slash down to the mat, but Slash’s experience and skill quickly come to light as he flips Jet over and pulls him across into a split position, seriously hurting Jet’s hips and legs. Jet writhes in pain unable to figure a way out of the move as Slash revels in his cries of pain. The younger Jet quickly realizes that his advantage is in staying up off the mat, where he can out maneuver and overpower Slash. Slash does everything he can to keep jet down on the mat, where his superior mat work allows him to put Jet in devastating holds where he can keep him pinned down and in lots of pain Slash starts to visibly tire out after awhile, while Jet’s doing everything he can to stay in the fight. He’s biding his time, waiting for Slash to weaken enough that he can start to dominate on his own. Jet moves to hasten this, wrapping Slash up in a headlock and choking the life out of him, taking even more of his breath away. Jet thinks he’s gotten Slash in the bag now, but Slash surprises him with a takedown back to the mat, where he starts to wrap Jet up like a pretzel. Jet can’t believe he fell for it and is being dominated by the older wrestler. Jet’s strong and has a lot of stamina, he can take the beating. It’s not long before Jet gains the upper hand again. Will Jet’s youth and strength prove too much for Slash? Or will age and experience overcome the energy of youth?