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Jet Talon head scissors pecs chest arms

Jet vs Talon - Custom Video Series 41

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Talon is on the mat going through a stretching routine, when Jet enters and starts mocking the bodybuilder.  These two have a history and clearly don’t like each other as they start trash talking each other.  Jet proposes a stakes submission match, with the loser paying the winner’s entry fee into a bodybuilding contest!  The stakes agreed, the match is on!

Jet removes his shirt, throwing it to the side.  Talon sees an opportunity, grabs the shirt and uses it to choke Jet from behind!  Wrapping the shirt tight around Jet’s neck, Talon pulls hard!  Jet is coughing and choking, gasping for air until he succumbs to the hold and passes out!  Jet came to wrestle, but he’s got a fight! Talon slaps on a tight sleeper hold, Jet’s face turning a disturbing shade of red as he struggles valiantly for breath!  Talon release the hold, proclaiming it’s “too easy”.  Jet is pissed and snaps a full nelson on Talon, but the gym-built stud flexes out and flips Jet over into a shoulder-popping stretch, pulling his arms back hard!  Talon traps Jet in a crushing seated head scissor, showing off his honed torso, before switching to a vice-like fig-4 headscissor!  “No!” Jet exclaims as he is trapped in the tightening coils of Talon’s legs, gasping desperately for breath, before once again succumbing to Talon’s merciless clutches!  Talon decides to wake Jet by sitting high on his chest and drilling fist after fist into the prone wrestler’s abs!  Jet flexes his brick wall, absorbing the punishment and refusing to submit!

The two men lock up again, with Jet getting a full nelson on Talon, stretching him out and putting him on full display as Talon screams in pain!  Switching to a rear bear hug, Jet forces the muscle hunk to his knees, before clamping on a VICIOUS choke hold!  Talon is out cold!  Jet flexes over Talon, before waking him up in perhaps the most brutal, sadistic way – a double pec claw, digging deep into the muscle tissue of Talon’s impressive pecs!  Talon is bellowing in agony as Jet tries to tear the muscle from his body!  IN desperation, Talon slugs Jet in the midsection, forcing him to double over.  Talon capitalises, applying a debilitating ab stretch, with punches and claws added for good measure!  A sudden leaping body scissor has Talon screaming which just prompts Jet to add a full nelson to the mix!  Jet forces the bodybuilder to his knees and wraps his arm around for another choke out!  This is not for the feint hearted!

Evenly matched in terms of both skill and stubbornness, these two men throw the book at each other – OTK backbreakers, standing headscissors, atomic drops, airplane spins, more chokes than you’ll know what to do with, chin locks, bow & arrow, everything but the kitchen sink!

This one will keep you guessing right to the end – can Jet survive the vicious onslaught of Talon’s legs?  Or will Talon lose out to the single-minded determination and will of Jet?  Get this match now and find out which wrestler claims the victory, leaving the loser out cold on the mats!