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Thunders Arena Wrestling

Joey King & Brute vs Peter - Ring Wars 63

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

This is an unusual match for Thunder's, in this match up we for the first time ever have 2 big guys destroying one little "normal Joe"guy in a handicapped 2 on 1 match.  Peter is a new pro wrestling student, he loves pro wrestling but just started taking classes on how to be a pro wrestler.  He bragged to Mr. Mike he had the skills and the talent to destroy anyone with the FEW moves he currently has in his arsenal.  He was so confident and cocky he begged Mr. Mike to put him in the ring against 2 people for his first match!  What happened next was total destruction you got to see to believe.  Watch and see what happens when pros go against a normal "Joe".  

OH one more spoiler alert, the power slam move in this match done against Peter was so REAL and so VICIOUS it does knock him out and we had to stop filming.  Our film crew was cringing over how much punishment Peter was made to go through, and he kept asking for more.  That kid maybe cute but he is TOUGH ass nails and can take a beating.  It was a real beatin' no pulling punches on this kid, he was up to the challenge.  More Description coming soon this match is 14 min long.