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bull Dom Knight joey king Kasee

Joey King & Bull vs Dom9 & KaSee - Ring Wars 87

$ 31.25

Get ready for NON-STOP action as Kasee and Dom9 take on Joey King and Bull in the ring at the same time! The trash talk immediately commences with each tag team on opposite sides. "Sitting over there talking s**t with your little dominatrix outfit on!" mocks Joey King. "You know you wanna wear this; let's f***ing do this!" yells the pumped up Dom9. "Look at you; why wouldn't they talk s**t?" taunts Joey turning his attention to the lightweight of the group. "Who do you think you are? I'm sexy as f**k bro!" flexes Kasee. "No man actually says that!" laughs Joey. Playtime is over as the raging Bull barrels in RAMMING his boulder shoulder again and again into Dom9's abs sending him crashing down. A blow to the face and knee to the gut has Kasee hurled into the turnbuckle; Joey King rears back KICKING his ribs over and over until he crumbles to the ground gasping for air. The 260 pounder drags his victim into a crippling camel clutch and YANKS up on his harness to choke him, "It's like a little f***ing leash!" Full of rage, Dom9 breaks away wrapping the muscle giant up in a tight full nelson! His hulking frame is powerless to escape as Dom9 lets go KNEEING his washboard abs again and again until he collapses to the mat for a brutal camel clutch! Back in the corner, Joey drives his shoulder deeper and deeper into Kasee's abs, "Look at you; what a joke!" Unable to stand, the lightweight topples down and is pulled straight into a grueling camel clutch. Bull and Kasee groan in pain in their torturous holds when an argument breaks out. "That's cute. Why you copying me?" asks Joey. "You're copying me! How about you get up; I beat your a**!" threatens Dom9. Both let go standing toe to toe with each other as the behemoth surprises Dom Knight with a tight full nelson. "That's too bad; I'll just keep whipping this little b****'s a**!" Joey yanks Kasee up for a full nelson of his own as the tag team struggles to break free. A surge of strength has Dom9 breaking out lifting the giant in a fireman's carry shaking him until Joey LAUNCHES Kasee head first into his abs collapsing the tower of thick muscle. "Good save huh? Use your own partner against you!" laughs Joey. "Talk all this s**t!" Furious, Dom9 confronts the cocky vet again but is taken out with a massive CLOTHESLINE from Bull. Joey slaps on a grueling Boston crab as Kasee screams for mercy, "Ahh it hurts; stop!" "You tapping out?" "No f*** you!" Bull wrenches Dom9's arm back, drills his abs, and locks in his own Boston crab! "Chumps!" mocks Joey as the smaller tag team groans in agony. Not giving up, Dom9 battles back with a brutal belly to belly bearhug and stretches the big man over the top rope. Joey drags Kasee between the same ropes and mocks Dom9's effort, "You're not even doing it right; he's literally just resting against the rope!" "Let me show you!" yells Bull easily breaking away stretching the master of pain through the ropes. The tag team HAMMERS away on their victim's chests as they scream in pain dangling over the middle ropes. Dom9 recovers and retaliates on the muscle giant: knees to the abs, clothesline, shoulders to the abs that level the 260 pounder. "Why every time I look you're getting your a** whooped?" mocks Joey of his own partner. Kasee's torture continues: a dragon sleeper from the top turnbuckle, bodyslam, and RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. "It's like carrying a baby!" brags Joey as the lightweight howls in pain, "Ahh my ribs, let me go!" Bull wraps his quads of steel around Dom9 in a crushing standing head scissors flexing tighter and tighter, "Face is turning little red!" "Fat a** f***ing thighs!" groans Dom9 struggling to escape. "There's no fat on these thighs!" Incredibly, he narrowly pries apart the muscle monster's grip DROPPING him on his back for a dragon sleeper! At the same time, Joey drags Kasee to his knees for the same move, "Go to sleep little boy! Why don't you let your mom's belt go?" mocks Joey making fun of Dom9's harness. "I'm about to come over there and whoop your a**!" Bull and Kasee both pass out as Dom9 confronts the pro-wrestler. "Who do you think you're stepping up to?" challenges Joey. "All you do is talk! Don't touch me; I'm over this s**t!" Dom9 picks up the motionless 260 pounder in a fireman's carry SWINGING him around and knocks Joey King over. "I can talk s**t while beating up your partner!" threatens Dom9. "So can I; wanna see?" Joey picks up Kasee across his furry chest as the titans SLAM their partners into each other harder and harder. "I bet I could make your partner tap out before you could make mine!" challenges Joey. "Let's try!" Bull and Kasee are dropped to the mat and gasp for air locked in powerful sleepers. "Look he's tapping out!" brags Joey moving Kasee's hand. "You made him tap!" yells Dom9. The final moments will leave you in shock as these tag teams try and tear each other apart: bow & arrow, dragon sleeper, brutal clothesline, shoulder attacks, dual belly to belly bearhugs! Who will be left standing?