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body builders hanging on the ropes

Joey King vs Aspen - Ring Wars 78

$ 34.75

"What newbie are they gonna send me today? World class athlete, pro-wrestler all over the globe, and I gotta keep wrestling jerk-offs like this guy!" Joey King isn't impressed with new rookie Aspen. The rookie makes fun of the vet's pale skin and red trunks, "You know pizza day was yesterday? You look like a topping!" "You lose electricity when you cut your hair, or did you do that on purpose?" asks Joey. This match is on! 
Aspen charges in with a takedown and begins clubbing and kicking Joey's back. He goes for a sleeper mocking the old vet, "What age did you develop osteoporosis?" Joey moans in pain laughing at the rookie's weak trash talk, "Wrestling Bill Nye over here!" The vet uses the ropes to escape, but Aspen hammerlocks his arms then kicks Joey into the turnbuckle! This rookie ain't here to play! Aspen drapes the vet over the ropes, climbs outside the ring, and locks in a sleeper! Joey struggles under the pressure, grabs Aspen's arm slamming it down on the ropes! "That's real cute!" The vet drags the rookie back into the ring and SHOULDER BARGES his abs in the turnbuckle. "Time for me to take over!" Joey stretches Aspen between the ropes and locks in a tight chinlock. The rookie screams in pain, "Is that all you got?" Joey takes him down in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson; the newbie strains and tries flexing out. The vet drops him down, pounds and stomps his abs. "You're like a paperweight!" Aspen groans laughing at the punishment. "You must like the pain, don't ya?" Joey locks in a crippling camel clutch then pulls it back in a sleeper/scissor combo. "Go to sleep!" Shockingly, Aspen flexes out. Joey isn't used to rookies escaping his sleepers and repeatedly drops his weight on the newbie's back. "You got fight in you that's good. Don't think you got enough though, get up!" Joey hurls Aspen across the ring into the turnbuckle and shoulder barges his abs. "Come on chuckles!" Another camel clutch/sleeper combo, but the rookie breaks out again! "He's a little bull!"
Joey is pissed and shows off his pro-wrestling skills with a vicious STF! Aspen is being stretched to the max then put in a another sleeper. "Go to sleep!" The rookie moans and groans but breaks out again, "You getting tired old man?" "Nope!" Joey clubs the rookie's back, but the newbie surprises him with a massive takedown. Aspen wants to destroy the vet limb by limb. He stomps Joey's quads, abs, and chest then stands on his hand trying to break it! The vet struggles to stand up and is CLOTHESLINED back down. Aspen continues stomping his victim and goes for a pin, 1-2, Joey barely kicks out! The newbie locks in his own sleeper, "You're gonna be trapped in this the whole time! Go to sleep!" The pro-wrestler is in TROUBLE; his furry muscles slump to the canvas. He gasps for air and begins to pass out! Will this be the biggest comeback in Thunder's history? Can the rookie dethrone the pro-wrestler in his own ring? A massive BANANA SPLIT, crippling camel clutches, vicelike sleepers, this back-and-forth battle will have you on the edge of your seat guessing how it's gonna end!