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joey king submits blayne in thunders arena using a dragon sleeper

Joey King vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 92

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This Thunders Arena matchup starts off with the brash and egotistical Joey King bragging about his vast experience battling in the ring and on the mat. "I'm a professional. I've been doing this since the dawn of time!" he brags arrogantly.  Not phased by Joey Kings self absorbed ramblings, Blayne casually warms up for the upcoming match, before being blindsided by Joey King with a vicious sneak attack. Scooping the shocked and dazed Blayne up from the mat, Joey King grabs a vicious full nelson, thrashing Blayne back and forth with neck crushing pressure applied. Unceremoniously throwing Blayne down to the mat, Joey King continues his verbal diatribe while unleashing a series of clubbing back blows to the pained Blayne. After some more antagonizing, Blayne shoots for a double leg takedown, only to be blocked and trapped in a front facelock by the veteran grappler King, putting all of his bodyweight on the neck of his opponent. After viciously cranking on Blaynes neck with his front facelock, Joey King unleashes some more vicious clubs to the back before mounting Blayne to grab ahold of his head and neck in a brutal camel clutch submission, arching Blaynes vertebrae and putting him through total agony. Not satisfied with the brutality of his beatdown, Joey King viciously clubs the stretched open and muscular chest of Blayne who cries out in pain. "Flex those abs now, big guy," Joey King exclaims, mocking his ripped opponent before throwing him violently to the mat below. A second double leg takedown attempt by Blayne is shut down violently as Joey King heaves him down to the mat before sitting on his lower back and pulling on his legs with a torturous boston crab. Blayne shows some life, fighting back and grabbing a tight bearhug. With his arms wrapped around the muscular torso of Joey King, Blayne squeezes with all of his strength, desperately attempting a submission victory. Even with every last ounce of strength squeezing his foe, the beaten down Blayne simply can't capitalize and the crafty Joey King reverses the hold, going behind and grabbing a viciously tight full nelson. "I can't flex my way out of this one!" Blayne painfully admits. When Joey King releases the hold to toy with Blayne more, Blayne takes advantage of the opportunity, blasting King with a kick to the midsection. His plan, however, backfires, as Joey King absorbs the blow, simply growing more frustrated. Firing back with a brutal kick to the ribs of his own, Joey King unleashes another barrage of brutal strikes, taking Blayne down to the mat and spreading his legs to open him up for a vicious stomp to the midsection. Unrelenting in his attack, Joey King grabs a seated abdominal stretch, further punishing the ripped six pack of Blayne. The shredded Blayne cries out in agony and Joey King tightens the hold. Upon getting back to his feet, Blayne defiantly shoves Joey King before grabbing another desperation bearhug, this take dropping to a knee and grabbing the lower abdominal region. Still undeterred and unrelenting, Joey King again beats Blayne down into the mat with a series of strikes and clubs. Still showing some life, Blayne continue to fight back, locking in an arm and chest submission of his own. Making a fatal error, after briefly disorienting King, Blayne poses arrogantly above his opponent, giving Joey King the opportunity to land a vicious blow to the abs from below, and following up with an over the knee backbreaker submission, almost folding Blayne in half. Blayne attempts to mount yet another comeback, only to be taken down in a vicious side headlock. On the mat, Joey King cranks on the hold, squeezing at Blaynes skull. "Who's the king??" Joey asks as he floats over the back of Blayne for another dominating camel clutch. "Say Joey is the King!" Joey King demands. In pure agony, Blayne obliges. Joey King goes to leave before deciding that he isnt quite satisfied yet, and that more punishment can be administered. He traps Blaynes face between his powerful thighs in a brutal headscissors hold, squeezing Blaynes head as if it crush it like a watermelon. Seemingly growing more sadistic and aggressive, Joey King proceeds to punish Blayne in a modified abdominal stretch, further pulverizing his six pack before changing gears again with another brutal boston crab, doing significant damage to the lower back. Going back to his specialty of vicious strikes, Joey King blasts Blaynes pecs with some impressive european uppercuts. Gasping for breath, Blayne is pounced upon and mounted again by the bullying Joey King and tortured in another extra tight full nelson submission. Barely able to crawl away, Blayne lands a body shot and begins to wrap his arms and legs around the disoriented Joey King for a series of pinning combinations. Never one to be outdone on the mat, the veteran Joey King wraps his thighs around the well defined waist of Blayne and traps his head in a guillotine choke. After doing the damage, King mounts Blayne, kneeling over his chest and humiliating him. The verbal blasting, however, gives Blayne enough time to muster up the strength to take down Joey King with an impressive spinning slam. Following up with a full neslson and body scissors of his own, Blayne announces that its "time to turn the tables". Unfortunately, Joey King turns them right back into his own favor, with a painful shot below the belt followed by a brutal neckbreaker and dragon sleeper. Arching back in the dragon sleeper submission, Blaynes whole body is folded backwards, torturing his spine and stretching his abdominals beyond the limit. Can Blayne dig deep another to mount another comeback, or will Joey Kings veteran knowledge on unrelenting offense be too much to overcome?