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Joey King vs Brix - Ring Wars 104

$ 31.25

New ring, new shredded look, Joey King is back to prove why he is Thunders King of the Ring! "Are you lost little boy? You're my opponent?" mocks Joey King in disbelief. Ignoring the pro-wrestler, Brix does push-ups as an angry Joey King drops his weight on Brix's back. Brix groans in pain barely able to stand as Joey King slams his skull over and over into the turnbuckle! Continuing his lesson in pain, Joey King stretches the 160lbs Brix between the ropes and yanks back on his neck. Brix screams in agony; his shredded body nearly broken in half as he begs for mercy. "Reach for help little boy! You're never gonna get out of this!" mocks Joey King. Brix crumbles to the canvas and gasps for air as the dominant Joey King stands on his throat and abs! Barely moving, Brix tries desperately to escape the ring of horrors but is dragged back in. "You win!" pleads Brix, but Joey King isn't finished. A Boston crab, meathook clotheslines, and stomps to the body lead to Brix slumping to the ring floor in a powerful sleeper. Joey King stalks his prey as Brix wakes up unable to escape the nightmare that is to come! Brix is hurled into the turnbuckle as Joey King tries breaking him apart piece by piece. Shoulders to the abs, stomps to the chest, and vicious sleepers have Brix struggling to survive! Will Brix escape or be another victim in Joey King's ring?