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Joey King puts Cason in a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Joey King vs Cason - Ring Wars 61

$ 34.75

David vs Goliath Battle!

Enter Joey King, 5'8" and 200lbs, ready to take on Cason, 6'1" and 235lbs in a true David vs Goliath battle! Joey makes fun of Cason saying he looks like he came from a Calvin Klein ad and thinks his sneakers are from the 80's. Cason takes it as a compliment and the match is on! The two lock up, and Cason throws the smaller Joey to the mat like he weighs nothing. Cason tries it again, but Joey dodges and clobbers the giant to the ground. Joey stands him up and rams his head into the turnbuckle. He then stretches the giant between the ropes yanking back on Cason's neck. Joey is in complete control and delivers a swinging neck breaker!! He clamps on a sleeper hold; Cason fights to break it, but it's lights out for the giant. Joey King declares "Big tree fall hard!"

Cason wakes up to stomps to his abs and a wicked elbow drop! Joey gets Cason in a head scissors, stands him up, then slams Cason's head into the turnbuckle. He delivers thunderous blows to Cason's back and applies 2 vicious camel clutches. Joey declares it is his house, and he's gonna teach Cason a lesson. Cason is once again stretched out between the ropes; his washboard abs and chest stretched to the max. Another swinging neck breaker has the giant moaning in pain.

Cason regains his strength and throws Joey headfirst into 4 turnbuckles!! Cason clamps on a sleeper of his own but breaks the hold before Joey goes out. Joey is now winded and tries to negotiate with the giant saying it was a misunderstanding. Cason isn't having it and picks up little Joey in a massive front bearhug! The size difference is on full display as Joey looks like a kid in the giant's arms. Cason towers over Joey, stretches him between the ropes, and asks Joey who the champ is? Joey is moaning in pain and declares Cason to be the champ.

Cason wraps his tree trunk arms around Joey again in an even bigger bearhug! Joey is begging for mercy and is thrown to the ground. He is completely winded as Cason delivers a massive clothesline! Cason puts Joey in a dragon sleeper but releases the hold again. The giant is toying with his smaller prey now. Cason delivers another clothesline and puts his victim in a giant Full Nelson! Joey can barely stand up and is taken down with another clothesline. The Goliath Cason has had enough of Joey's trash talk and picks Joey up with one hand around his throat. Cason is ready to deliver his final punishment and choke slams Joey King to the mat!!! Is this the end of Joey King, or will he make a comeback and take down the giant. Buy this big vs little match to find out!