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Joey King puts CJS into a headlock at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Joey King vs CJS - Ring Wars 60

$ 25.95

Battle for King of the Ring!

This ring war starts off with both wrestlers circling each other in the ring. The more experienced Joey King tells the mighty CJS that he's toying with him because big guys like CJS tire more quickly. The two lock up, and CJS throws Joey King into the turnbuckle. CJS delivers vicious kicks and punches to Joey's abs as he throws Joey into all 4 turn buckles! Joey gets a couple kicks and punches in himself, but CJS is in control. CJS takes a moment to pose for the cameras, and Joey low blows the giant down to the mat! Joey applies a camel clutch saying CJS is all show and no go. He asks CJS who the King is, but CJS refuses to answer. Joey takes his turn and throws CJS into the turnbuckle. CJS falls to the floor, and Joey applies a massive sleeper hold! CJS tries to break free, but his muscles are failing him, and it's lights out for the big man.

Joey King wakes CJS up with kicks to his body and stomps on his hands. He then puts CJS in a Boston crab. CJS is screaming in pain but refuses to tap out. Joey has had enough of the "hairy chump" and applies a sit down camel clutch. Joey asks CJS who the King is, but CJS still won't say. Joey decides to humiliates the massive bodybuilder by moving CJS's mouth with his fingers saying Joey King is the King! Joey makes CJS stand up and delivers two massive swinging neck breakers!! He then applies another sleeper hold, and CJS is counting sheep again. Joey calls CJS porky pig and says he thought he would be more of a challenge.

CJS wakes up and ball claws Joey. Joey breaks the hold and delivers another swinging neck breaker! CJS is being totally dominated at this point. Joey applies another sit down camel clutch and manipulates CJS's mouth again saying Joey is the King. CJS can barely stand up on his own. Joey leads CJS to the ropes and stretches the 235 pound bodybuilder between the ropes while pulling back on CJS's neck. CJS's hairy chest and abs are front and center on the camera and being stretched beyond their limit!! CJS tries to battle back with punches to Joey's abs, but Joey breaks free and slams CJS's head into the turnbuckles two times. Joey King decides to show off his wrestling experience and delivers a DDT to CJS!!! Time for CJS to go to sleep again with another sleeper hold from Joey, making it his 3rd or 4th sleeper so far.

CJS is forced to stand up by Joey, his massive muscles under Joey's complete control. Joey locks in a monstrous Full Nelson to CJS demanding he say who the King is? CJS still won't give in, his muscles straining under the power of Joey King. CJS falls to the floor, and Joey King delivers the ultimate sleeper hold, the dragon sleeper. CJS's body is stretched to the max as CJS begins to deliver punches to Joey King's back. Will CJS go to sleep for the final time or break the dragon sleeper and mount his revenge on Joey King. Buy this awesome match to find out!!