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Joey King vs Dolf - Ring Wars 79

Joey King vs Dolf - Ring Wars 79

$ 25.95

Dolf flexes his 235 pound thick muscles when he is interrupted by Joey King. "Sweet, they gave me another bodybuilder. At least you got some size on you, kinda puffy!" mocks Joey. "Puffy? You see this?" Dolf flexes his powerful pythons and pec bounces his beefy chest. "Whenever you wanna get your butt kicked, you let me know!" says Joey. "I'm good, enjoying myself!" Dolf turns away flexing his thick back for the camera. 
BIG MISTAKE! Joey clubs Dolf's back knocking him into the ropes and onto the canvas. "What the hell?" moans Dolf. "I came here to wrestle not flex. I like beating up bodybuilders like you, a bunch of pretty boys!" He straddles the muscle beast repeatedly dropping his weight on his back. Dolf is in trouble and crawls for the ropes. "Keep crawling, you're almost there!" Joey stretches the muscle beast between the ropes and locks in a vicious chinlock. "Flex for them now!" Dolf is in agony but still flexes a double bicep. "You're cute!" Joey clubs his pecs and back as he falls to the canvas. "The whole ring shook when you fell. You're dense!" Dolf is pissed and wants payback! He kicks Joey down, scissors his leg, and applies an ANKLE LOCK! The vet screams in pain squirming and reaches for the ropes to escape. "How's that ankle?" Dolf releases, stomps his injured leg, and yanks on his ankle again! Joey is in agony. The muscle beast locks in a body scissor/crossface combo. "I think I'm gonna flex a little! Too bad you can't see this!" Dolf just can't stop flexing his mountains of muscles! "You look fat! You need to lay off the pancakes bro!" groans Joey. "Fat? You wish you were this fat!" Dolf SHOULDER BARGES Joey into the turnbuckle, picks him up, and slams him down. The vet rolls around the ring in agony, "You're a little bit more challenging than the other ones!" Dolf goes back to the injured leg stretching it around the ropes while his knee digs into Joey's back! PURE TORTURE! "You need to start doing some abs fatty!" Dolf flexes his abs, "That's what I'm doing right now! Let me get a little pump here!" The muscle giant does push ups against the middle rope turning his back to Joey. Guess he didn't learn the first time! Joey jumps on Dolf's back in a sleeper. The muscle beast falls to his knees struggling to breathe! "Time to go to sleep!" Dolf's muscles are failing. The blood rushes from his face, and he passes out! Joey picks up Dolf's lifeless arm flexing it for him, "Hey look at me; I'm flexing my biceps. I'm so strong!" Joey stands up limping from his injured ankle. He slaps Dolf awake locking in a tight full nelson. "Flex for em now! You ain't nothing!" Joey shakes the beast  around slamming him face first to the canvas. "Look at these big legs, take out these trunks!" He stomps Dolf's quads, drags his leg over the bottom rope, and drops his weight on the beast's leg. Joey delivers a massive Boston crab, as Dolf screams in pain! "All this muscle, no heart!"
Dolf kicks Joey to break the hold and stomps on his injured ankle. The muscle beast locks Joey in a standing head scissors crushing him with his thick quads. "Think it's your turn to go to sleep!" Dolf takes his scissors to the canvas and squeezes tight. Joey's arms flail as he tries to escape. His face turns as red as his trunks, and he passes out! Dolf grabs the injured leg and wakes Joey up with another crippling ankle lock! The back-and-forth power struggle continues. With one sleeper a piece, it's all tied up, scissors, shoulder barges, sleepers! Will Dolf come out on top and continue flexing in peace, or will Joey put an end to the muscle giant's flexing? Flex On or Flex Off? Place your bets now!