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Joey King vs Flaco - Custom Video Series 116

$ 31.25

The "King of the Ring" title is on the line as Joey King faces his toughest challenge yet! Armed with a secret weapon, Flaco stands toe to toe with Joey King as the trash talk begins. "I beat all the bodybuilders. You're just gonna be another one on the list!" threatens Flaco. "I'm really scared little boy!" laughs Joey King turning his back on the arrogant lightweight. Flaco snaps and smothers Joey King from behind with a chloroform rag. A struggle begins as Joey King tries desperately to escape his impending doom and crumbles to his knees. Flaco quickly wraps Joey King in a tight sleeper and drags the motionless wrestler down to the mat. His torture just beginning, Joey King is woken up and crawls for the ropes to recover. Flaco digs his knee in Joey King's back and chokes him against the ropes. Joey King groans in pain as Flaco smothers his cries with the soaked rag. "Thought you were gonna be the alpha like me? The king has fallen!" taunts Flaco. Barely moving, Joey King is drug around the ring in bearhugs and sleepers as the dominant Flaco squeezes the air from his lungs over and over! Flaco circles his motionless prey and peels down Joey King's singlet exposing his furry pecs and abs. Out of nowhere, Joey King recovers and picks up Flaco in a rear bearhug thrashing Flaco side to side. Flaco strains to escape and wraps Joey King in a headlock before knocking Joey King out with a bulldog to the mat! "Is this a match or a massacre?" laughs Flaco ready to inflict more pain. Joey King is woken up and slammed into the turnbuckle where Flaco begins tearing him apart! Double pec claws and forearm blows have Joey King screaming in pain; his furry pecs glow red from the brutal assault. The intense showdown continues with painful stretches, bearhugs, and breath-taking sleepers! Who will be left standing?