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Joey King vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 68

Joey King vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 68

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Flexing and stretching in the mat room, Iceman is confident he can take on the pros, like Joey King, after a few matches under his belt. Joey enters, the two trash talk, with Joey guaranteeing that he can set a new Thunders' record and sleeper out the rookie six times in 30 minutes!  Iceman dismisses the challenge and actually starts out well, taking down to Joey with some good luck wrestling holds, all beginners luck.  Joey King is too experienced and decisively regains the advantage, proceeding methodically to fulfill his promise and getting Iceman completely sleepered out six times, alternating between three classic sleepers and three cobra clutch sleepers. Iceman is a tough opponent and rallies from time to time, but Joey always regains the upper hand!  To add insult to injury, Joey grinds and cranks each sleeper long after Iceman has passed out, fully displaying his sleeping victim. Joey slowly releases Iceman from each sleeper, and then lifts Iceman's arm high in the air to prove Iceman is totally knocked out. Joey then massages Iceman's neck and shoulders to wake him up for further punishment.  In between each sleeper, Joey unleashes an impressive arsenal of pro wrestling holds, weakening his dazed opponent for the next grinding sleeper. Some of these awesome holds were, HEAD CLAW, PEC CLAW, RUDE AWAKENING, FULL NELSON, REVERSE BEAR HUG, FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK, DRAGON SLEEPER, CAMEL CLUTCH, TORTURE RACK, and so much more than we can list.  After the sixth and final devastating sleeper, Joey checks Iceman's arms, declares victory, and exits, as the camera lingers over Iceman totally passed out on the mat. THE END.