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Joey King puts Kasee into a boston crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Joey King vs Kasee- Rough & Ready 122

$ 25.95

Joey King's HOUSE OF PAIN is open for business ready for its next victim! "I'm the best wrestler here! Welcome to my world!" The overconfident Kasee flexes as pro-wrestler Joey watches in disbelief, "Amateur wrestler maybe, you are far from pro. Keep flexing; that's probably the best thing you're gonna do all day." With the muscle stud distracted, Joey charges in from behind clubbing him down to the mat! "That was a cheap shot!" Kasee screams in pain as he's trapped in a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch then forced to his feet in a brutal ab stretch. "All these young kids come in here running their mouth!" Kasee begs for mercy as his chiseled abs look ready to split at any moment. Joey appears to show mercy letting him go only to deliver a tight full nelson SHAKING him like a rag doll! "Tap out or quit!" Kasee refuses and is taken down with a sharp knee to the ribs. "I've been a little too rough on you; let me give you a hug!" A massive belly to belly bearhug has the young stud gasping for air, "Ahh my ribs! I can't breathe!" Joey drops his victim to the mat and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "Say you quit, say Joey is King, or I can put you to sleep!" The stubborn Kasee flexes a double bicep sending the muscle beast into a rage! He SQUEEZES tighter sending the young vet fading away into oblivion! "I don't think I'm done yet!" Kasee awakens to a dominant Joey pulling him to his feet by his hair. Bearhugs, gut punches, a CRIPPLING Boston crab has the muscle hunk clawing at the mat to escape the torture! "Come on pretty boy, tap!" Kasee's face is pure agony as he screams in pain, "Ahh my legs!" The pressure is unbearable, and he is forced to tap out, not once, not twice, but three times! Joey is in complete control ready to destroy his victim limb by limb. A NECK-BREAKING full nelson has Kasee in trouble struggling under the viselike grip! "Look in the camera, tell them Joey's the King!" The young buck still refuses, "I don't look at cameras, cameras look at me!" Something snaps in Joey, and the beating gets even more BRUTAL! Either he admits Joey is King or be put to sleep again and again! Can Kasee escape the House of Pain? Find out today!