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Joey King vs Ludwig - Mat Rats 78

Joey King vs Ludwig - Mat Rats 78

$ 31.59

Joey King and Ludwig have a history.  For Ludwig’s debut match, Joey was brought in to coach Flaco and Slim in their efforts to defeat the rookie wrestler.  Not only did they fail, but all three were humiliatingly stacked up like a Big Mac!  As if that wasn’t enough, Ludwig LITERALLY walked over Joey King, embarrassing and further humiliating the experienced wrestler.  Now Joey is back to take on Ludwig one-on-one, eager to get his revenge!  Ludwig has the self-assured grin of absolute confidence as he gets ready to lock up with Joey.  “I’m going to eradicate you like I eradicated the others.  I’m going to rip the beard right off your face!”  There is obviously no love lost between these two!

The action kicks right off with Joey going low, but gets caught in a front facelock.  Joesy escapes and whirls behind the bodybuilder, slapping on a rear bearhug!  Ludwig peels Joey’s arms away, prompting the veteran to go for a full nelson – but Ludwig sees it coming and quickly flexes out of the hold!  The two circle again, a little more wary.  “Are you ready for your demise?” asks Ludwig.  Joey goes for the behemoths legs, but they are as immovable as a mountain!  Ludwig wraps his massive arm around Joey’s head, but Joey sees the danger and quickly gets out, leaping up onto Ludwig’s back and slapping on a choke!  Joey is determined to pay the German back!  Ludwig suffers in a tight headlock, but he manages to prise Joey’s arms open to escape.  Joey uses his speed and experience to get behind Ludwig and apply another rear bearhug, slowly weakening the Munich Muscle Machine’s defences!  Joey climbs up on Ludwig’s back for another choke, this time with a bodyscissor thrown in for good measure!  But Ludwig is prepared this time as he spins around before throwing Joey off over his shoulder!  Joey lands hard on the mat as Ludwig flexes over him.

They lock up again and this time it’s Ludwig who gets the go-behind.  He wraps his powerful arms around Joey, lifting the fireplug off the mat! Joey’s legs flail as he tries to get out of the devastating hold!  Ludwig tosses Joey to the ground like trash!  Ludwig grabs Joey’s legs, but the wily veteran is wise to that and quickly moves away!  Joey again goes for a takedown, shooting for Ludwig’s legs.  “Are you trying to give me a calf massage?” “No, I’m trying to get your big ass down!”  Ludwig responds by picking Joey up and slamming him down HARD to the mat!  Another lock up and Joey manages to apply a textbook Full Nelson on the bodybuilder, switching to a sleeper.  Ludwig desperately spins round, dizzying Joey and managing to throw him off.  Ludwig taunts Joey – “Try taking the offensive, I dare you!”  Fighting talk!  Joey shoots and manages to trap the German in a bearhug, LIFTING the massive musclehunk off the mat!  A newly confident Joey instigates a test of strength – BIG MISTAKE!  Ludwig utterly destroys Joey, driving him straight down to his knees!  Bearhugs, choke lifts, shoots, slams, pin attempts, sleeper holds.  A low blow from Joey finally brings the big man down!  A spine-crushing camel clutch has Ludwig trapped – Joey can almost taste the victory, but Ludwig refuses to submit!  Another Camel Clutch and a full Boston Crab follow, but Ludwig still refuses to give in!

Joey is going all out for the win, but is it enough?  Can he defeat the Munich Muscle Machine?  Or will Ludwig come back and claim another victory?  Either way, you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss this clash of titans!