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Joey King puts Njustice into a boston crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Joey King vs Njustice with Scrappy- Rough & Ready 123

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Get ready for a SLUGFEST; this match has some of the hardest hits we have ever filmed! Scrappy flexes for the fans questioning Joey King's wild choice of trunks when they are interrupted by fully dressed NJustice. "Put the biceps away; this is not a physique contest." The "gentleman" orders Scrappy off the mat, or he will send him "sailing into oblivion." NJustice and Joey talk about their common interests when Scrappy butts in, "Are you guys just gonna chat on the mat?" "Go sit down!" Things go well until a disagreement over Die Hard sets off an ALL OUT BRAWL! NJustice and Joey punch each other in the face back and forth as hard as they can! "To think I almost had you be the best man at my wedding!" "You don't even have a girlfriend!" mocks Joey. The muscle titans launch each other face first into the wall exchanging gut punches, uppercuts, and knees to the ribs! Both are completely gassed. NJustice takes off his vest as Joey clubs him from behind and locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch! The "gentleman" moans in pain as Scrappy reappears and gives him a wet willy. "What are you doing?" Joey knocks Scrappy out and FISH HOOKS NJustice's cheeks before slamming him face first to the mat! He tries taking off his shirt but is met with a rake to the eyes. "Nobody takes off my shirt but me!" NJustice removes his tank, chokes Joey with it, and delivers a BELL CLAP to the head! The pro-wrestler is dazed as Scrappy tries to return. "Sit down! Don't make me get the spoon Scrappy Doo!" NJustice takes off his shoes using them to beat Joey, "Dress for success! Boom!" The deafening sound sends shock waves through the mat! His punishment continues: a falling headbutt to the groin, claws to the face, and BRUTAL rake to the back! Joey writhes in pain rolling on the mat as his back turns red. "I liked you Joey. You were supposed to join forces with me not destroy everything!" Joey is pissed and wants revenge: rake to the eyes, low blow, a modified STF! NJustice is in agony, refuses to admit Joey is King, and is forced to his feet in a chokehold. The back and forth devastation continues: an ATOMIC DROP, bone-shattering figure four leg locks, vicious low blows! The maniacal NJustice even plays a game of "This Little Piggy" with Joey's foot BREAKING some of his toes! Scrappy reappears flexing and doing push ups in the background. NJustice gets up and chokes him against the wall, "Stay over here and let me take care of my business!" He returns to the mat pulling out a secret weapon from his pants: VELOCIRAPTOR CLAW! A look of panic sweeps across Joey's face. Can he escape the claw unharmed? A fight to the finish has both muscle titans scrambling to pin each other with Scrappy acting as the referee. Joey delivers SWEET CHIN MUSIC nearly taking off his head, and NJustice delivers a PILEDRIVER nearly crushing his skull! Incredibly, both gladiators are able to kick out only getting a two count each. Scrappy has had enough, "You two suck. You're still in dress pants. You just got back from vacation wearing lotion undies. Grabbing on each other can't even get up!" Joey and NJustice see red and are about to give Scrappy the BEATING of his life!