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Joey McCoy vs Brix - Custom Video Series 142

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Run Time: 33 Minutes

Joey McCoy and Brix are on the mat in wrestling trunks and tank tops flexing and showing off for the camera. Brix is the first one to make a move and locks Joey McCoy in a tight full nelson before dropping down into a rear sleeper. He wants Joey to continue flexing while he has him locked in a sleeper hold. Joey eventually passes out and Brix uses his shirt as a handle and curls his smaller opponent to get a pump before ripping off his shirt and slapping him down into the mat. He flips him over and puts him in a humiliating schoolboy pin to show him how to REALLY flex. He locks in a bearhug making him flex even more! When he gets too cocky and takes his eyes off his opponent, Joey McCoy turns the tables and locks in a sleeper of his own! He then makes Brix be the one to flex before putting him out. He then methodically takes off Brix's tank top and puts on a schoolboy pin to flex over the top of him. Furthering his punishment, Joey puts Brix in a brutal dragon sleeper still making him flex over and over. Fighting his way out, Brix makes it his plan to completely tear down and destroy Joey's biceps and shoulders. Brix uses his entire move collection, including a dirty trick and nipple twisting(!), to keep Joey from gaining momentum. Brix controls his opponent until Joey McCoy resorts to playing on the same level as Brix and hits him with a HARD low blow! He then is able to get a rear sleeper and weaken Brix. He uses sleepers, ab stretches, schoolboy pins, and gut punches to work over his opponent. Brix counters and continues his work of breaking down Joey's biceps and shoulders. He eventually locks in a deadly rear sleeper that puts Joey McCoy out cold! But he is not done just yet. He wakes up his opponent and starts to really get vicious! He beats over McCoy's arms and shoulders while he screams out in pain. Will Joey McCoy break?