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Joey McCoy vs Gohan - Mat Rats 156

$ 31.59

Run Time: 29 min. 8 sec.

Gohan is not going to be disrespected by Joey McCoy on the mat! He throws him over his shoulders and viciously bounces McCoy up and down nearly breaking his ribs! Gohan shows off the muscle he has put on since his last filming to the camera. He flexes his biceps before going back to torturing Joey McCoy. Gohan demands an apology for the disrespect. Joey McCoy refuses even though Gohan is beating his ass! Gohan locks in a rear sleeper and Joey McCoy starts to pass out. Gohan lets go right before McCoy goes to sleep just to torture him more by spanking him and lifting him in a brutal bearhug! Reaching between Joey McCoy's legs, Gohan lifts him straight into the air. Gohan throws him down and repeatedly stomps McCoy's abs! Joey McCoy gets a second wind and slams Gohan against the wall and delivers numerous gut punches. Gohan's skin begins to turn red before McCoy throws him to the mat. McCoy locks in a head scissors choking Gohan out! Will Joey McCoy choke Gohan out? Joey McCoy is still not done with Gohan and he is going to make him pay! McCoy locks in a figure four leg lock and tortures Gohan before fighting dirty with a low blow! 

Joey McCoy taught Gohan his lesson and starts to leave, but from a distance you hear..."HEY BITCH! I AIN'T DONE YET!" Joey McCoy runs back to the mat and jumps Gohan with a bearhug! Both wrestlers go back and forth with Bearhugs, Full Nelsons, Sleeper Holds, Head Scissors, and Low Blows. Will Gohan pay for his disrespect? Or Will Joey McCoy learn his lesson not to mess with Gohan?