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Johnny Bravo & Brute vs TAK & Marco - Ring Wars 04 (Tag Team)

$ 31.25

Thunder's Arena is proud to announce a new series... RING WARS!

Johnny Bravo (6'2", 275#) and Brute (6'1", 258#) stand in the corner, mocking their opponents on the opposite side of the ring. Marco (5'8", 190#) and TAK (5'10", 156#) are on the other side, showing that they don't fear the much larger guys facing off with them. TAK flexes and Marco says, "This is a physique", TAK follows up with "This is what happens when you work out". Outraged, the two behemoths run towards the little guys and all hell breaks loose. Johnny Bravo focuses his attention on TAK, while Brute begins attacking Marco. The action is so fast pace and intense that our own camera crew can't get out of each other's shots! JB pushes TAK out of the ring and leaves Brute to drag Marco to the center in a choke hold. As Johnny and TAK look on from the ring apron, Brute tosses Marco around before dragging him to his corner where JB waits to be tagged in. Brute stretches Marco out and JB comes into the ring and smashes into Marco's midsection, knocking the wind out of him and dropping him to the canvas. Bravo follows up with a headlock and rolls Marco up onto his shoulders, in an attempt at a pin, but Marco pushes out. JB slaps Marco around and smears his face on the canvas of the ring floor before tagging Brute back in. Brute wastes no time and carries Marco to the corner and stretches him out across the top ropes before bashing the battered smaller guy in the abs, pulling him from his perch and flipping him into the center of the ring again. "Tag me in!" yells TAK as Brute holds Marco in a choke, just inches from his outstretched hand being able to contact TAK's.