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Johnny Bravo vs Big Sexy - Bodybuilder Battle 14

$ 25.95

Big Sexy really doesn't learn a lesson.  He has let his ego go unchecked for too long now.  Well all day he was mouthing off stuff to Johnny Bravo during as he was wrestling for other filmings.  Well Johnny just couldn't take it any more and he attacks Big Sexy with a vengence!  If you have ever seen a cat toy with a mouse well you will get the idea for what happens all during this match its Brutal Domination!  This has a lot more massive attacks in it and Johnny Bravo moving around the mat showing his mat skills and how agile and hostile he can become if you don't respect the man.  The promo pritty much says it all, YOU GOTTA RESPECT the MAN JOHHNY BRAVO or pay the price in PAIN....