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Johnny Bravo vs Brian Cage - Ring Wars 08

$ 25.95

Two bodybuilder behemoths begins with only a few moments to realize the monstrous physiques about to do battle for superiority in Thunder's Arena. Johnny Bravo is the long-standing, hitherto undisputed King of the Ring, with no one to match his size or power. Now with Brian Cage on the scene, it's only inevitable that these two giants will collide in an unforgettable series of battles as Cage challenges Bravo's status. They lock up, and the confident Bravo immediately clamps Cage in a rib-crushing bearhug, and they careen into the ropes. With a big forearm smash to Cage's back, he is rocked into the corner. A ribcage smash sets Cage up for a hip toss onto the mat, where Bravo goes to work on Cage's thick neck and traps. A choke hold hauls Cage to his feet, and quickly into another brutal bearhug, then into the corner for a few vicious chops to Cage's massive chest. Flung across the ring and into the corner, Cage drops to the mat, stunned by the impact. Bravo goes to work on Cage's big left arm and elbow- threatening to break it and end Cage's professional career. A sharp elbow to that horseshoe tricep, and Bravo wrenches Cage's wrist into the small of his back. Adding a chin lock, Bravo has Wolverine in a choke hold that could be a finishing maneuver. Cage rolls over but Bravo's chokehold is a vice grip. A stunned Brian Cage groans that he "has NEVER been dominated like this before." Back up to his feet, Cage receives a forearm to the midsection which doubles him over, driving the wind out of him. Flung into the ropes, Bravo clotheslines Cage, sending him into an incredible flip, which Bravo punctuates with a stomp to the chest. Another bearhug on Cage, then he's hauled over Bravo's shoulder and slammed hard to the mat. Bravo delivers a stunning heartpunch, then wrenches Cage's shoulder, smashing his delt and applying a torturous elbow-breaker and another tricep smash. Bravo puts a full nelson on the dazed Brian Cage, driving him to his knees so he can choke him. Adding a chinlock, only Cage's thick traps save his neck from being snapped by Bravo's relentless power. The "Ayatollah Rock'n'Rolla" isn't about to let this cocky newcomer steal his crown. Bravo delivers another forearm smash to Cage's broad back, then chokes him on the ropes til he's nearly unconscious. A series of punches to Cage's chest, another stomp, and one wonders how his heart keeps beating. Bravo goes to work on the left knee and ankle, and Cage can only crawl away from his tormentor. As Bravo anticipates an early win, Cage stuns him with a sudden gut punch...then an elbow to the temple, which has Bravo seeing stars. Cage tries to lift Bravo, but fails...and Bravo stuns him with two punches, then flips him to the mat. Cage recovers quickly, with a chin smash on Bravo, then a kick to the ribs. Bravo goes down and Cage smashes his massive quads with a couple of elbow drops.Going to work on Bravo's knee, he adds a choke hold, and as Bravo staggers to his feet, he's still trapped in a headlock. Bravo upends Cage onto his shoulders, in a near pinfall - then follows up with a kick to the back, temple and a couple of punches to Cage's head. Again, an unexpected gutpunch allows Cage to escape into the corner, but Bravo pursues, only to use Cage as a heavy bag, punching him relentlessly as he's trapped in the corner. He flips Cage to the mat, but before he can attack, a barrage of gut punches slows Bravo down. Cage flips Bravo to the mat, and goes back to work on those delts, traps and that elbow. Bravo is in serious pain, like Thunder's Arena has never witnessed! Cage siezes the advantage to demolish Bravo's legs, and neck, with a chinlock, transitioning to a front facelock on Bravo. Cage chokes Bravo with his own massive arms, then kicks his shoulder on his way to putting Bravo in an excruciating ab stretch. A few elbows to the exposed ribs, and Bravo is in serious trouble. Cage delivers a knee drop to Bravo's head, then puts him in a camel clutch. Bravo is down and it doesn't look good...He's hauled to his feet and into the corner, where Cage drives his shoulder into Bravo's midsection. An uppercut elbow to the chin, more torture of the elbow and shoulder, another kick to the gut and ab stretch has Bravo in real trouble. But the King of the Arena digs deep and hip tosses Cage to the mat. Cage tries to defend himself with a few kicks to Bravo's gut, and manages a front facelock, then a slam to the mat. Incredibly, Cage backflips onto Bravo's torso, leaving him defenseless against another choke hold... In a match filled with unbelievable shifts of power and dominance, displays of strength and stamina - which of these juggernauts will emerge triumphant? Will Bravo retain his unofficial title as Alpha Overlord of Thunder's Arena? Or will Brian Cage bring his professional skills and experience in the ring and topple Bravo from his throne?