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Brute chokes Johnny Bravo on the ropes big arms biceps pecs

Johnny Bravo vs Brute - Ring Wars 03

$ 31.25

Thunder's Arena is proud to announce a new series... RING WARS!

This match starts off with Johnny Bravo and Brute arguing about their previous match (coming soon!) and how Johnny believes Brute failed to properly dominate his opponent. The testosterone and tempers rise and the two try to show their dominance with a pose off. Comparing size, they flex their quads, biceps and backs, all the while trash talking the other's physique. Johnny Bravo, the undisputed champ of Thunder's, boasts that " This is JB's world, JB kicks everyone's ass!" and smiles into the camera. Brute asks, "You want to flex or fight? and chops JB, sending him to the ropes. Brute gets Bravo in a headlock and walks him out the center of the ring and drags him to the canvas. JB taunts Brute, saying he is "still a little pussy". Brute relents and Johnny gets to his feet but has something else planned and wraps his arms around Brute's thick midsection in a waistlock. Brute reaches for the ropes and finally grabs them, signaling for Bravo to release. The two go tot tie up again but JB takes a second to look squarely in the camera, do a double bicep pose and smile, flashing his pearly whites, in the ultimate cocky move. Bravo manages pick Brute's ankle, but again Brute grabs the ropes, forcing Bravo to retreat to the center of the ring one more time. A third tie up and Brute gets JB into a corner, where he rams his shoulder into Bravo's rippling abs repeatedly. JB smashes his forearm into Brute's wide back again and again, which just makes Brute that much more determined to win. Brute runs JB to another corner and smashes his face into the turnbuckle, then turns the big man around and pulls his left leg through the ropes, stretching his thigh and torturing the knee before moving over to the other leg for more. JB tries to counter with a body scissors, but fails and gets a kick to the chest for his attempt. Bravo is lead to the ropes and choked on the top rope as Brute climbs up to provide even more leverage. "Tell me I'm as big as you!" yells Brute, but Bravo, remains stoic and cocky and refuses to give in. The two move back into the center of the ring and Brute tries to gain momentum from a slingshot off the ropes, Bravo misses a clothesline attempt and Brute is coming back at him from the other direction when he is stopped in his tracks by Johnny's powerful choke. JB chokes Brute until he collapses to his knees and then down onto his back. Like a cat playing with a mouse, Bravo let.s Brute go and Brute regains his footing on the canvas. But JB isn't done and lifts Brute off the ground by his throsat before throeing him down and continuing to choke, moving to the ropes for leverage. Brute scrambles away into a corner, but can't get up in time and finds JB's boot on his throat while the champ taunts him. Brute is allowed to get up once again and Johnny grabs him an headlock and throws him over his shoulder, crashing onto the canvas, where Bravo begins a series of torturous moves; arm lock, head lock, full nelson. Brute delivers a solid kick to Johnny's chest, which send him to the ropes. Brute delivers a series of gut punches whil ehe has Johnny trapped in teh corner. Brute drags Bravo out to the center of teh ring, dazes JB with a blow to the head and again slingshots off the ropes. And once more, Johnny misses the closthesline. Brute lands a kick to Johnny's face, backs up and runs at JB again. Johnny stops Brute in his tracks, lifts him in a fireman's and attmepts a gorilla press. But Brute is just too heavy and slippery with sweat from thebattle for it to work and he is thrown down. Brute kicks and then knees Johnny in the abs, and then threatens, "I'm gonna show you how to do a slam." Johnny takes the opportunity to slip out of Brute's reach and falls in behind him, grabbing him in a sleeper. JB brings Brute down to the ground with his sleeper and Brute's eyelids begin to flutter. Will these two continue their battle of the titans or will Johnny keep his undisputed title?