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Johnny Bravo vs Dennis the Menace - Mat Rats 14A

$ 31.25

Newly released from our vault

Johnny Bravo is back at 6' 2" and 275lbs ready to take on a new challenger, Dennis the Menace who stands in at 5' 10" and 177 pounds.  That is giving up over 100 lbs of pure muscle to try and bring Johnny Bravo down, that takes a lot of guts to step out onto the mat!  This kid wastes no time in picking his fight.  Johnny surprise attacks Dennis with a forearm then side headlock.  Johnny then shows off a lot of his mat skills with taking the boy off his feet several times and putting him in all kids of punishment holds like bearhug, chicken wing, chokes him, and bodyscissors.  Dennis really gets brutalized in this match and still gets back up for more punishment.  Johnny just keeps flexing and posing over his victem and picking the boy up for more punishing bearhugs, should carries, and violent power moves that bring Dennis smashing to the mat!  Johnny just continues the punishment by using camel clutch on the poor boy more painful bearhugs and power lifts which turn into power slams!  Johnny wastes no time on this boy and eventually sleepers him out cold!  

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!