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Johnny Bravo Specimen thunders arena submission wrestling submit bodybuilders chest pecs

Johnny Bravo vs Specimen - Lost Bodybuilder Battle 81

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

This clash of the bodybuilders finds Johnny Bravo, still heated over his loss to Specimen weeks prior. The two giants tie up and struggle for domination, but it's Johnny Bravo who gets the first pin. As he holds Specimen's arm in a pressure lock, he looks into the camera and asks the fans, "Want me to break his arm?". It's obvious that Bravo is bitter over his earlier defeat and he is not holding back. Specimen goes for a lift and gets the behemoth, Bravo, onto his shoulders and walks around the mat, showing off his prize before dumping him to the mat. JB, not to be outdone, follows up with the same move. Specimen traps Bravo in a headlock, threatening to crush his skull in massive arms. Johnny follows up with a full nelson then drags Specimen to the mat for a body scissors as he wraps his huge legs around Specimen's thick trunk. Johnny flexes at the camera and then goes for the sleeper, but when that fails, he decides to torture Specimen's arm, focusing on the elbow. JB relents and allows Specimen to get back on his feet, but very quickly resumes his assault and headlocks Specimen again. As Johnny squeezes his arm around Specimen's head, he flexes his enormous chest and flashes his pearly smile at the camera. Bravo grabs a fist full of Specimen's hair and forces him to look at the camera, shouting, "look at my fans!" before applying a full nelson. The combined mass of both these bodybuilders puts enough pressure on Specimen's neck to knock him out, just like a sleeper hold and Specimen slumps to the mat. JB stands over Specimen's limp body, flexing, posing and talking to his fans. Dissatisfied with the shortness of the match, Johnny slaps Specimen, rousing him from his unconsciousness. Johnny adds insult to injury by grabbing one of Specimen's ankles and making the big man hop around on one foot. Specimen kicks Johnny away with his other foot and attacks Johnny's arm. JB reverses and leads Specimen around the mat again and resumes his punishment of Specimen's knee. Bravo takes Specimen off the mat and into a fireman's, slams him down again and then pulls him back to his feet. Bravo bearhugs Specimen, attempting to crush him in his massive arms as Specimen flails to escape the crushing force before being racked. JB attempts a gorilla press, but Specimen is just too heavy and they crumple to the mat, where Bravo applies a camel clutch and continues his threats..... How Will it end? TO BE CONTINUED...