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Johnny Bravo vs Tony & Batar vs Sebastien - Rough & Ready 09

Johnny Bravo vs Tony & Batar vs Sebastien - Rough & Ready 09

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Johnny Bravo vs Tony

Enter our newest muscle monster -- Johnny Bravo! This guy is just simply an amazing athlete. He's a former 2X state high school wrestling champion, former pro football player, and nationally award winning bodybuilder. He's simply one of the biggest and best bodybuilder in the USA. There is nothing this man can't do. He's got his first match with Tony so you know this is going to be a technical match with lots of back and forth mat wrestling. Tony starts out flexing and posing with the guys comparing who has bigger chest, arms sizing each other up before battle. Tony realizes he's not measuring up to a real bodybuilder so he starts talking trash about how big muscles aren't "working" muscles, they just look good but really are weak compared to a real wrestlers working muscles like he has himself. The battle is on and bearhugs, full nelsons, head scissors, sleepers, camel clutches, cradels, boston crabs, all make up some of the amazing weapons these two use on each other.

Sebastien vs Batar
Those of you that are members of Thunder TV know what lead up to this battle. Batar has become obsessed with that belt he bought at the store and declared himself the self proclaimed champion of Thunder's Arena. Well Batar the fake "champion" attacked Sebastien during an interview and hit him in the head with his shinny new champion belt. This is the match that happened immediately after that scuffle. Some of the moves you will see in this match are Boston crab, head scissors, camel clutch, and quite a few dirty tricks. Batar is on a rampage and I really wonder if Sebastien is going to be able to stop him. Get this match and find out if Sebastien can put a stop to Batar's madness.