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Eagle bear biceps bearhug

Bear vs Eagle & Bear vs Angel- July 4th 2016

$ 31.25

Bear vs Eagle

"Yippee ki yay mother fucker! It's Fourth of July!" Eagle throws a drink on Bear waking him up. "I heard you got beaten up by the child Tarzan baby Angel!" says Eagle. "Pump the brakes. I was taking a nap. Why you waking me up?" Eagle laughs, "Didn't look like a nap, you were knocked out!"
Bear ELBOWS Eagle's chiseled abs. "You know for a bear, you kinda hit soft!" Bear is PISSED and UNLOADS on Eagle. A sleeper, TIGHT full nelson, RIB-CRUSHING body scissors, and GUT PUNCHES! "You a little bitch Eagle. Are these inflatable?" Bear says poking Eagle's bicep. 
Both roll around trying to pin each other. Bear locks in an ARM BAR then lays on top of Eagle's back in a SLEEPER hold. "I'm tired of laying down! Get up!" commands Bear as he KICKS his ribs. Bear is ANGRY. "That's why they call you Bear." Eagle locks in rear bearhug, but big Bear feels NOTHING. "Let me teach you a bearhug!" 
Bear WRENCHES Eagle's arm behind him then into a BACK-BREAKING rear bearhug. Eagle is SCREAMING in pain! The big, burly Bear continues with his lesson, "Then I walk em around like this until you get tired, or i'm bored; then I THROW EM down!" 
They lock up. Eagle takes the furry beast down and locks in TIGHT headlock. Bear breaks away, applies a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, and sits on Eagle. "Get your big ass off me!" yells Eagle. "It's America, its Fourth of July. Let's talk about football, just kidding!" Bear locks in a MASSIVE front bearhug pinning Eagle's arms down. Eagle breaks free and bearhugs back. Bear DOUBLE ELBOWS Eagle's boulder shoulders to escape. Eagle is furious, KNEES him in the gut taking him down, and locks in a TIGHT sleeper! He grabs Bear's ankles standing over him, "Don't make me!" says Eagle. "No, don't!" pleads Bear. Eagle STOMPS Bear's furry abs repeatedly and locks in a CRIPPLING Boston crab! 
"How's your back feel Bear?" Eagle starts singing about the bear necessities making fun of his victim and BEARHUGS Bear from behind. Bear escapes and lifts Eagle in a MASSIVE bearhug SHAKING him up and down. "You're one of my cubs now!" GROWLS Bear. "I just thought of something. An eagle is a bird of flight!" Bear THROWS Eagle across the room! 
"How's your back buddy? Punk ass bitch!" Eagle lays on the mat in pain. "Apparently Eagle's a flightless bird, you should just change your name!" This match is far from over, clotheslines, CHOKE-LIFTS, bearhugs and more! Which one forest creature will prove to be supreme, the Eagle or the Bear?

Bear vs Angel

It's the Fourth of July, and nothing says America like some good old fashioned wrestling! Bear is back to take on some opponents. First up Angel with his new long hair, "I think I wrestled him before. I bring it, always stay in shape, always calling these people out because we know they're fat, lazy, out of shape!" Bear walks in, "Did I just see you on tv, like a locks of love commercial?" Angel calls bear an "oversized leprechaun" due to his beard, and this match is on! 

Angel GUT PUNCHES Bear. Bear takes Angel down in a side headlock then locks in in MASSIVE body scissors / full nelson combo. "Pantene Pro-V Your hair smells amazing! Need to use that shit on my body hair!" says Bear.

Bear gives Angel a free shot. BIG MISTAKE! Angel jumps on his back in a SLEEPER then changes to a body scissor / arm bar combo IN THE AIR! Angel is like a monkey climbing around Bear. "You been on a lot of monkey gyms as a kid? My bad!" Bear is turning red and begs Angel to release the hold. 

Angel PICKS UP Bear on one shoulder and BODYSLAMS him to the mat! Bear recovers, PULLS his hair and locks in an ARM BAR. Angel SCREAMS in pain! Bear wants more punishment and locks in a TIGHT head scissor. The furry beast is winded himself, "I think I'm more tired!" Angel escapes and KNEES Bear down. He YANKS his beard forcing him to get up, but Bear GUT PUNCHES Angel down. 

Bear BEARHUGS Angel SHAKING him up and down, then carries him on one shoulder, SLAMMING him to the mat. "Wooo!" Angel grabs Bear's head and SLAMS him FACE FIRST into the mat! He mounts Bear's furry back, YANKS back on his chin, then into a TIGHT sleeper. The big Bear is fading fast, but Angel releases the hold and straddles his hairy chest. Angel holds Bear's beard with one hand and GUT PUNCHES the beast's furry abs with his other hand! 

Both begin an intense GUT PUNCH BATTLE. "You wanna poke the Bear?" Angel acts concerned, "You're sweating. What's wrong, you out of shape? You look it!" "No I'm not!" Bear lifts Angel in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug, GUT PUNCHES his abs, then delivers an over the knee BACK BREAKER! Angel screams in pain!

Over the shoulder take downs, a sleeper, INSANE gut punching that sends one wrestler FLYING into the air with every punch! Will it be the big burly Bear or the "Italian Fabio" Angel? Whose gonna win this Fourth of July battle?